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Title: A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for adiponectin levels in East Asians identifies a novel locus near WDR11-FGFR2
Authors: Wu, Y.
Gao, H.
Li, H.
Tabara, Y.
Nakatochi, M.
Chiu, Y.-F.
Park, E.J.
Wen, W.
Adair, L.S.
Borja, J.B.
Cai, Q.
Chang, Y.-C.
Chen, P.
Croteau-Chonka, D.C.
Fogarty, M.P.
Gan, W.
He, C.-T.
Hsiung, C.A.
Hwu, C.-M.
Ichihara, S.
Igase, M.
Jo, J.
Kato, N.
Kawamoto, R.
Kuzawa, C.W.
Lee, J.J.M.
Liu, J.
Lu, L.
Mcdade, T.W.
Osawa, H.
Sheu, W.H.-H.
Teo, Y.
Vadlamudi, S.
Van Dam, R.M.
Wang, Y.
Xiang, Y.-B.
Yamamoto, K.
Ye, X.
Young, T.L. 
Zheng, W.
Zhu, J.
Shu, X.-O.
Shin, C.
Jee, S.H.
Chuang, L.-M.
Miki, T.
Yokota, M.
Lin, X.
Mohlke, K.L.
Tai, E.S.
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Citation: Wu, Y., Gao, H., Li, H., Tabara, Y., Nakatochi, M., Chiu, Y.-F., Park, E.J., Wen, W., Adair, L.S., Borja, J.B., Cai, Q., Chang, Y.-C., Chen, P., Croteau-Chonka, D.C., Fogarty, M.P., Gan, W., He, C.-T., Hsiung, C.A., Hwu, C.-M., Ichihara, S., Igase, M., Jo, J., Kato, N., Kawamoto, R., Kuzawa, C.W., Lee, J.J.M., Liu, J., Lu, L., Mcdade, T.W., Osawa, H., Sheu, W.H.-H., Teo, Y., Vadlamudi, S., Van Dam, R.M., Wang, Y., Xiang, Y.-B., Yamamoto, K., Ye, X., Young, T.L., Zheng, W., Zhu, J., Shu, X.-O., Shin, C., Jee, S.H., Chuang, L.-M., Miki, T., Yokota, M., Lin, X., Mohlke, K.L., Tai, E.S. (2014-02). A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for adiponectin levels in East Asians identifies a novel locus near WDR11-FGFR2. Human Molecular Genetics 23 (4) : 1108-1119. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Blood levels of adiponectin, an adipocyte-secreted protein correlated with metabolic and cardiovascular risks, are highly heritable. Genome-wide association (GWA) studies for adiponectin levels have identified 14 loci harboring variants associated with blood levels of adiponectin. To identify novel adiponectin-associated loci, particularly those of importance in East Asians, we conducted a meta-analysis of GWA studies for adiponectin in 7827 individuals, followed by two stages of replications in 4298 and 5954 additional individuals. We identified a novel adiponectin-associated locus on chromosome 10 near WDR11-FGFR2 (P = 3.0 × 10-14) and provided suggestive evidence for a locus on chromosome 12 near OR8S1-LALBA (P = 1.2 × 10-7). Of the adiponectinassociated loci previously described, we confirmed the association at CDH13 (P = 6.8 × 10-165), ADIPOQ (P = 1.8 × 10-22), PEPD (P = 3.6 × 10-12), CMIP (P = 2.1 × 10-10), ZNF664 (P = 2.3 × 10-7) and GPR109A (P = 7.4 × 10-6). Conditional analysis at ADIPOQ revealed a second signal with suggestive evidence of association only after conditioning on the lead SNP (Pinitial = 0.020; Pconditional = 7.0 × 10-7). We further confirmed the independence of two pairs of closely located loci (
Source Title: Human Molecular Genetics
ISSN: 09646906
DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddt488
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