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Isaac Ottoni Wilhelm
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2020A statistical analysis of luckWilhelm, Isaac 
21-Jul-2020An argument for entity groundingIsaac, Wilhelm 
3Feb-2019Celestial chaos: The new logics of theory-testing in orbital dynamicsWilhelm, Isaac 
42022Centering the Born RuleWilhelm, Isaac 
52022Centering the Everett InterpretationWilhelm, Isaac 
6Jun-2021Centering the Principal PrincipleWilhelm, Isaac 
72022Comparing Mathematical ExplanationsWilhelm, Isaac 
8Dec-2021Comparing the structures of mathematical objectsWilhelm, Isaac 
92022Constitution, evidence, and an argument for realism: responses to Bird’s Knowing ScienceWilhelm, Isaac 
10Apr-2021Explanatory priority monismWilhelm, Isaac 
115-May-2021Grounding and propositional identityWilhelm, Isaac 
12Dec-2020Interventionist Explanation and the Problem of Single Variable Boundary ConstraintsWilhelm, Isaac 
1317-Jan-2022Intrinsicality and EntanglementWilhelm, Isaac 
1430-Jun-2023Logic for Justice An Introduction to Formal Logic with an Emphasis on Political ReformWILHELM, ISAAC 
15Jun-2018New data on the representation of women in philosophy journals: 2004–2015Wilhelm, Isaac ; Conklin, Sherri Lynn; Hassoun, Nicole
16Jul-2022Pluralities, counterparts, and groupsWilhelm, Isaac 
17Feb-2021The Counteridentical Account of Explanatory IdentitiesWilhelm, Isaac 
182019The Ontology of MechanismsWilhelm, Isaac 
19Aug-2018The Representation of BeliefWilhelm, Isaac 
201-Oct-2020The Stage Theory of GroupsWilhelm, Isaac