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Maria Teresa Soto Sanfiel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Jan-2023Absence and Distortion in the Self-Representation of LGBTQ plus NarrativesSoto-Sanfiel, Maria T ; Sanchez-Soriano, Juan-Jose
22021Adaptation of scripted television formats: Factors and mechanisms of cultural identity in a global worldSanfiel, Maria Teresa Soto ; Villegas-Simón, Isabel
311-Oct-2022Consumption of true crimes and perceived vulnerability: Does the cultural context matter?Soto-Sanfiel, Maria T ; Montoya-Bermudez, Diego F
416-May-2022In Search of the Global South: Assessing Attitudes of Latin American Journalists to Artificial Intelligence in JournalismMaria T. Soto-Sanfiel ; Adriana Ibiti; Mabel Machado; Beatriz Elena Marin Ochoa; Maria Mendoza Michilot; Claudio Guillermo Rossell Arce; Ariadna Angulo-Brunet
519-Jun-2023Narrative structures in Colombian fictional web series published on YouTubeMontoya-Bermúdez, Diego F; Soto-Sanfiel, María T 
61-Nov-2021Opinion of television managers about their viewers and their interest in science: audience images and lack of scientific content on televisionSoto-Sanfiel, Maria T ; Villegas-Simon, Isabel; Angulo-Brunet, Ariadna
728-Oct-2021Radio Art: Mental Images and AppreciationMaria T. Soto-Sanfiel ; Bradley Freeman; Ariadna Angulo-Brunet
81-Sep-2022The Link Between Creativity, Personality, and Art in Communication Students: SingaporeAngulo-Brunet, A; Soto-Sanfiel, MT 
91-Jan-2022Understanding radio art receptionSoto-Sanfiel, Maria T ; Freeman, Bradley C; Angulo-Brunet, Ariadna
101-Jan-2022Understanding the Lack of Science on Tv: Network Decision-Makers' Opinions towards Televisual ScienceSoto-Sanfiel, MT ; Villegas-Simón, I; Angulo-Brunet, A