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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Mar-2005A Brownian dynamics study on the self-diffusion of charged tracers in dilute polyelectrolyte solutionsZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
21-Oct-2001A novel cloud-point extraction process for preconcentrating selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in aqueous solutionBai, D.; Li, J. ; Chen, S.B. ; Chen, B.-H. 
319-Sep-2006A simulation study on dynamics of dendrimer-polymer conjugatesZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
415-Feb-2010A study of effective diffusivity in porous scaffold by Brownian dynamics simulationZhou, H.; Chen, S.B. ; Peng, J.; Wang, C.-H. 
54-Apr-2013Axisymmetric creeping motion of particles towards a circular orifice or diskChen, S.B. 
6Jul-1998Axisymmetric motion of multiple composite spheres: Solid core with permeable shell, under creeping flow conditionsChen, S.B. 
7Jul-2000Boundary effect on slow motion of a composite sphere perpendicular to two parallel impermeable platesChen, S.B. ; Ye, X.
82-Feb-2009Brownian dynamics simulation of tracer diffusion in a cross-linked networkZhou, H.; Chen, S.B. 
924-Oct-2006Clouding and phase behavior of nonionic surfactants in hydrophobically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose solutionsZhao, G.; Chen, S.B. 
1029-Apr-2003Clustering effect on the viscosity of nondilute sodium polystyrenesulfonate solutionsPu, Q.; Chen, S.B. 
112015Co-micellization behavior in poloxamers: Dissipative particle dynamics studyAmmu Prhashanna; Saif Abdul Kadir Khan ; Chen Shing Bor 
121-Feb-2011Complexation of cationic polyelectrolyte with anionic phospholipid vesicles: Concentration, molecular weight and salt effectsChieng, Y.Y.; Chen, S.B. 
132006Computer simulations of diffusion and dynamics of short-chain polyelectrolytesZhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
1421-Jan-2006Computer simulations of diffusion and dynamics of short-chain polyelectrolytes.Zhou, T.; Chen, S.B. 
15Aug-2003Diffusion coefficient of a charged porous sphereNatraj, V.; Chen, S.B. 
1622-Mar-2002Diffusion into a nanoparticle with first-order surface reaction confined within a sphereChen, S.B. ; Tsao, H.-K.
177-Jul-2011Drag force of a particle moving axisymmetrically in open or closed cavitiesChen, S.B. 
188-Apr-2021Driven transport of dilute polymer solutions through porous media comprising interconnected cavitiesNagarajan, Karthik; Chen, Shing Bor 
1921-Aug-2013Driven transport of particles in 3D ordered porous mediaChen, S.B. 
206-Aug-2013Effect of chain length of PEO on the gelation and micellization of the pluronic F127 copolymer aqueous systemPragatheeswaran, A.M.; Chen, S.B.