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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2020A systematic scoping review and thematic analysis of interprofessional mentoring in medicine from 2000 to 2019Tay, Kuang Teck; Tan, Xiu Hui; Tan, Lorraine Hui En; Vythilingam, Divya; CHIN MIEN CHEW, ANNELISSA ; Loh, Victor; TOH YING PIN ; LALIT KUMAR RADHA KRISHNA 
21-Jun-2021Exploring the social ecology for appropriate antibiotic prescribing and stewardship in primary care: Presenting the VALUE driven model of practice derived from qualitative analysis of public and private care settings in SingaporeTan, Guan Hao Chester; Hong, Daniel Zhihao; Lim, Isis Claire Zhen Yu; Toh, Ying Pin ; Loh, Victor Weng Keong; Lien, Virginia
3May-2022Mindful Caring: A pilot study of an online mindfulness workshop for medical students to improve self-compassionGuan Hao Chester Tan; Daniel Zhihao Hong; Isis Claire Zhen Yu Lim; Ying Pin Toh ; Victor Weng Keong Loh ; Virginia Lien
417-Feb-2020Nurturing Professionalism in Medical Schools. A Systematic Scoping Review of Training Curricula between 1990-2019Yun Ting Ong; Cheryl Kow; Yao Hao Teo; Lorraine Tan; Ahmad Abdurrahman; Nicholas Quek; KISHORE PRAKASH; Clarissa Cheong; Xiu Hui Tan; Wei Qiang Lim; Jiaxuan Wu; Laura Hui Shuen Tan; Kuang Teck Tay; Annelissa Chin ; Ying Pin Toh ; Stephen Mason; Lalit Kumar Radha Krishna 
52022On a Camino: Learning to ServeToh, Ying Pin ; Hong, Lois; Pang, NingYi; Loh, Victor 
62020The impact of death and dying on the personhood of medical students: a systematic scoping reviewHo, C.Y.; Kow, C.S.; Chia, C.H.J.; Low, J.Y.; Lai, Y.H.M.; Lauw, S.-K.; How, A.E.H.; Tan, L.H.E.; Ngiam, X.L.L.; Chan, N.P.X.; Kuek, T.Y.J.; Kamal, N.H.A.; Chia, J.L.; Abdurrahman, A.B.H.M.; Chiam, M.; Ong, Y.T.; Chin, A.M.C. ; Toh, Y.P. ; Mason, S.; Krishna, L.K.R.