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Alexandra Ines Sarabando de Carvalho


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12019A universal approach for the synthesis of two-dimensional binary compoundsShivayogimath, A.; Thomsen, J.D.; Mackenzie, D.M.A.; Geisler, M.; Stan, R.-M.; Holt, A.J.; Bianchi, M.; Crovetto, A.; Whelan, P.R.; Carvalho, A. ; Neto, A.H.C. ; Hofmann, P.; Stenger, N.; Bøggild, P.; Booth, T.J.
222-Feb-2021Accelerated synthesis of graphene oxide from grapheneCosta, Mariana C. F. ; Marangoni, Valeria S. ; Ng, Pei Rou ; Nguyen, Hang T. L. ; Carvalho, Alexandra ; Castro Neto,Antonio Helio 
32018Accessing valley degree of freedom in bulk Tin(II) sulfide at room temperatureLin, S; Carvalho, A ; Yan, S; Li, R; Kim, S; Rodin, A ; Carvalho, L ; Chan, E.M; Wang, X; Castro Neto, A.H ; Yao, J
419-Nov-2022Direct calculation of the ionic mobility in superionic conductorsCarvalho, Alexandra ; Negi, Suchit ; Neto, Antonio H Castro 
522-Nov-2019Dual phases of crystalline and electronic structures in the nanocrystalline perovskite CsPbBr3Whitcher, T. J. ; Gomes, L. C. ; Zhao, D.; Bosman, M. ; Chi, X. ; Wang Y.; Carvalho, A. ; Hui, H. K.; Chang, Q.; Breese, M. B. H. ; Castro Neto A. H. ; Wee, A. T. S. ; Sun, H. D.; Chia, E. E. M.; Rusydi, A. 
62014Silicon and germanium nanocrystals: Properties and characterizationCapan, I; Carvalho, A ; Coutinho, J
71-Mar-2021The Degree of Oxidation of Graphene OxideCarvalho, Alexandra ; Costa, Mariana CF ; Marangoni, Valeria S ; Ng, Pei Rou ; Thi, Le Hang Nguyen ; Castro Neto, Antonio H 
818-Feb-2021Tunable van Hove singularities and correlated states in twisted monolayer-bilayer grapheneXu, Shuigang; Al Ezzi, Mohammed M; Balakrishnan, Nilanthy; Garcia-Ruiz, Aitor; Tsim, Bonnie; Mullan, Ciaran; Barrier, Julien; Xin, Na; Piot, Benjamin A; Taniguchi, Takashi; Watanabe, Kenji; Carvalho, Alexandra ; Mishchenko, Artem; Geim, AK; Fal'ko, Vladimir I; Adam, Shaffique ; Neto, Antonio Helio Castro ; Novoselov, Kostya S; Shi, Yanmeng
92016Unusually efficient photocurrent extraction in monolayer van der Waals heterostructure by tunnelling through discretized barriersYu, W.J; Vu, Q.A; Oh, H; Nam, H.G; Zhou, H; Cha, S; Kim, J.-Y; Carvalho, A ; Jeong, M; Choi, H; Castro Neto, A.H ; Lee, Y.H; Duan, X