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11-May-2019A multimodal LSTM for predicting listener empathic responses over timeTan, ZX; Goel, A ; Nguyen, TS ; Ong, DC 
21-Sep-2015A Second Look at Automatic Theory of Mind: Reconsidering Kovacs, Teglas, and Endress (2010)Phillips, Jonathan; Ong, Desmond C ; Surtees, Andrew DR; Xin, Yijing; Williams, Samantha; Saxe, Rebecca; Frank, Michael C
31-May-2019Applying Probabilistic Programming to Affective ComputingOng, Desmond ; Soh, Harold ; Zaki, Jamil; Goodman, Noah
41-Sep-2019Attending to Emotional NarrativesWu, Z; Zhang, X; Zhi-Xuan, T; Zaki, J; Ong, DC 
524-Jul-2019Bayesian Inference of Social Norms as Shared Constraints on BehaviorTan, Zhi-Xuan; Ong, Desmond C 
61-Apr-2019Computational Models of Emotion Inference in Theory of Mind: A Review and RoadmapOng, Desmond C ; Zaki, Jamil; Goodman, Noah D
712-Sep-2017Empathy and well-being correlate with centrality in different social networksMorelli, Sylvia A; Ong, Desmond C ; Makati, Rucha; Jackson, Matthew O; Zaki, Jamil
87-Feb-2020Factorized Inference in Deep Markov Models for Incomplete Multimodal Time SeriesTan, Zhi-Xuan; Harold Soh Soon Hong ; Ong, Desmond C 
91-Feb-2018Happier Than Thou? A Self-Enhancement Bias in Emotion AttributionOng, Desmond C ; Goodman, Noah D; Zaki, Jamil
101-Jan-2017Increased Cooperative Behavior Across Remitted Bipolar I Disorder and Major Depression: Insights Utilizing a Behavioral Economic Trust GameOng, Desmond C ; Zaki, Jamil; Gruber, June
111-Aug-2019Integrating Expectations and Outcomes: Preschoolers' Developing Ability to Reason About Others' EmotionsAsaba, Mika; Ong, Desmond C ; Gweon, Hyowon
1222-Nov-2019Modeling emotion in complex stories: the Stanford Emotional Narratives DatasetOng, Desmond ; Wu, Zhengxuan; Tan, Zhi-Xuan; Reddan, Marianne; Kahhale, Isabella; Mattek, Alison; Zaki, Jamil
1329-Oct-2014Not As Good as You Think? Trait Positive Emotion Is Associated with Increased Self-Reported Empathy but Decreased Empathic PerformanceDevlin, Hillary C; Zaki, Jamil; Ong, Desmond C ; Gruber, June
141-Aug-2016Prosocial Conformity: Prosocial Norms Generalize Across Behavior and EmpathyNook, Erik C; Ong, Desmond C ; Morelli, Sylvia A; Mitchell, Jason P; Zaki, Jamil
151-Jan-2019Robot Capability and Intention in Trust-based Decisions across TasksXie, Yaqi; Bodala, Indu P ; Ong, Desmond C ; Hsu, David ; Soh, Harold 
161-Feb-2016Tracking the Emotional Highs but Missing the Lows: Hypomania Risk is Associated With Positively Biased Empathic InferenceDevlin, Hillary C; Zaki, Jamil; Ong, Desmond C ; Gruber, June