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Karim Ali Abdeltawwab Ahmed


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Feb-202355-pW/pixel Peak Power Imager with Near-Sensor Novelty/Edge Detection and DC-DC Converter-Less MPPT for Purely-Harvested Sensor NodesKarim Ali Abdeltawwab Ahmed ; HAYATE OKUHARA ; Massimo Bruno Alioto 
213-Jun-2021Battery-Less IoT Sensor Node with PLL-Less WiFi Backscattering Communications in a 2.5-µW Peak Power EnvelopeLin, Longyang ; Ahmed, Karim Ali ; Salamani, Praveen; Alioto, Massimo Bruno 
324-Feb-2023Dual-Mode Conversion Gating, Comparator Merging, and Reference-Less Calibration for 2.7× Energy Reduction in SAR ADCs Under Low-Activity InputsKarim Ali Abdeltawwab Ahmed ; J. H. Teo ; S. Sarkar; Massimo Bruno Alioto 
414-Jun-2022Imager with Dynamic LSB Adaptation and Ratiometric Readout for Low-Bit Depth 5-µW Peak Power in Purely-Harvested SystemsKarim Ali Abdeltawwab Ahmed ; Lin Longyang ; Salamani, Praveen; Massimo Bruno Alioto 
51-Sep-2022Picowatt-Power Analog Gain Stages in Super-Cutoff Region With Purely-Harvested DemonstrationJoydeep Basu ; Karim Ali Abdeltawwab Ahmed ; Longyang Lin ; Massimo Bruno Alioto 
66-Jan-2024Picowatt-Power Super-Cutoff Analog Building Blocks and 78-pW Battery-Less Wake-Up Receiver for Light-Harvested Near-Always-On OperationJoydeep Basu ; Luigi Fassio ; Karim Ali Abdeltawwab Ahmed ; Massimo Bruno Alioto 
716-Jul-2023Super-Cutoff Analog Building Blocks for pW/Stage Operation and Demonstration of 78-pW Battery-Less Light-Harvested Wake-Up Receiver down to MoonlightLuigi Fassio ; Joydeep Basu ; Karim Ali ; Massimo Alioto 
828-Jul-2020Voice Activity Detection with >83% Accuracy under SNR down to -3dB at 1.19µW and 0.07mm2 in 40nmTEO JINQ HORNG ; KARIM ALI ABDELTAWWAB AHMED ; ALIOTO,MASSIMO BRUNO