Full Name
Weng Tat Chan
Chan, W.-T.
Chan, Weng-Tat
Chan, Weng Tat
Weng, T.C.
Weng-Tat Chan
Tat, C.W.
Chan, W.T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A hybrid GA-CP approach for production schedulingHu, H.; Chan, W.-T. 
21991A knowledge-based framework for the diagnosis of sludge bulking in the activated sludge processChan, W.T. ; Koe, L.C.C. 
32010A relationship between the quality attributes and the trust in financial services information systemsChan, W.T. ; Fengwei, Y.
41997A time-cost trade-off model with resource consideration using genetic algorithmChua, D.K.H. ; Chan, W.T. ; Govindan, K.
52004Advanced interactive budget planning for highway managementTan, J.Y.; Fwa, T.F. ; Chan, W.T. 
6Jul-2001An application of genetic algorithms to precast production schedulingChan, W.-T. ; Hu, H.
71998Analysis of pavement management activities programming by genetic algorithmsFwa, T.F. ; Chan, W.T. ; Hoque, K.Z.
81997Backcalculation analysis of pavement-layer moduli using genetic algorithmsFwa, T.F. ; Tan, C.Y. ; Chan, W.T. 
92004Benefits of information integration in budget planning for pavement managementChan, W.T. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Tan, J.Y.
10Jan-2001Case-based reasoning approach in bid decision makingChua, D.K.H. ; Li, D.Z.; Chan, W.T. 
111996Civil engineering applications of genetic algorithmsChan, Weng-Tat ; Chua, David K.H. 
12Jan-1998Collaborative scheduling over the internetChan, W.-T. ; Chua, D.K.H. ; Lang, X.
131993Computer-aided catchment-calibration modelLiong, S.-Y. ; Ibrahim, Y. ; Chan, W.T. ; Law, C.L.
14Jun-2001Constraint handling methods in pavement maintenance programmingChan, W.T. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Zahidul Hoque, Kh.
15Nov-2002Constraint programming approach to precast production schedulingChan, W.T. ; Hu, H.
16Jun-1996Construction resource scheduling with genetic algorithmsChan, W.-T. ; Chua, D.K.H. ; Kannan, G.
172003Coordinated production scheduling of prefabricated building componentsChan, W.-T. ; Zeng, Z.
18Nov-1997Decision framework for pavement friction management of airport runwaysFwa, T.F. ; Chan, W.T. ; Lim, C.T. 
192001Derivation of Pareto front with genetic algorithm and neural networkLiong, S.-Y. ; Khu, S.-T. ; Chan, W.-T. 
20Nov-2003Discussion of "incorporating practicability into genetic algorithm-based time-cost optimization" by Bryan Christopher QueMarzouk, M.; Moselhi, O.; Kannan, G.; Chan, W.-T.