Full Name
Fwa Tien Fang
Tien-Frang, Fwa
Fwa, Tien F.
Fwa, T.F
Tien-Fang Fwa
Fwa, T.
Fwa, Tien Fang
Fwa, F.T.
Fwa, Tien-Fang
Fwa, T.F.
Fwa, T.-F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
127-Oct-20203-Dimensional finite element modeling of asphalt mixtures for thermal conductivity determinationlongjia chu; Lei He; T.F Fwa 
2Jul-1992A factorization analysis of automobile fuel consumption in actual trafficAng, B.W. ; Ng, T.T. ; Fwa, T.F. 
31992A finite difference model for computing thermal conductivity of granular materialsChua, K.H. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Shein, A.
410-Apr-2017A Functional Approach for Determining Skid Resistance Threshold State of Porous PavementL. J. Chu; T.F Fwa 
5Jul-1997A New Apparatus for Measuring the Drainage Properties of Porous Asphalt MixesTan, S.A. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Chuai, C.T.
6May-1991A statistical analysis of the fuel efficiencies of public busesAng, B.W. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Poh, C.K. 
7Aug-1991A statistical study on automobile fuel consumptionAng, B.W. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Poh, C.K. 
8Dec-1989A study on the fuel-consumption characteristics of public busesAng, B.W. ; Fwa, T.F. 
9Jun-1991Adaptation of a field nuclear gauge for laboratory density measurementSiew-Ann Tan; Tien-Fang Fwa 
102004Advanced interactive budget planning for highway managementTan, J.Y.; Fwa, T.F. ; Chan, W.T. 
111998Airport development in SingaporeFwa, T.F. 
122003Airport Pavement Condition Rating and Maintenance-Needs Assessment Using Fuzzy LogicFwa, T.F. ; Liu, S.B. ; Teng, K.J.
1312-Jan-2013Airport pavement missing data management and imputation with stochastic multiple imputation modelFarhan, J.; Fwa, T. 
1416-Feb-2022Analysis of Aircraft Skidding Potential on Rapid Exit TaxiwaysLiu Yuanyuan; L. chu; T.F Fwa 
15Mar-1996Analysis of concrete pavements by rectangular thick-plate modelFwa, T.F. ; Shi, X.P.; Tan, S.A. 
162006Analysis of effectiveness of longitudinal grooving against hydroplaningOng, G.P. ; Fwa, T.F. 
17May-1993Analysis of Marshall test behavior with triaxial test determined material propertiesLow, Boon-Hwee ; Tan, Siew-Ann ; Fwa, Tien-Fang 
181998Analysis of pavement management activities programming by genetic algorithmsFwa, T.F. ; Chan, W.T. ; Hoque, K.Z.
19Jul-1993Analysis of process energy use of asphalt-mixing plantsAng, B.W. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Ng, T.T. 
202008Analytical modeling of effects of rib tires on hydroplaningFwa, T.F. ; Kumar, S.S.; Ong, G.P.; Huang, C.J.H.