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12016Exchange of Coordinated Solvent during Crystallization of a Metal-Organic Framework Observed by in Situ High-Energy X-ray DiffractionWu, Y ; Breeze, M.I; Clarkson, G.J; Millange, F; O'Hare, D; Walton, R.I
22017Metal-Organic Nanosheets Formed via Defect-Mediated Transformation of a Hafnium Metal-Organic FrameworkCliffe, M.J; Castillo-Martínez, E; Wu, Y ; Lee, J; Forse, A.C; Firth, F.C.N; Moghadam, P.Z; Fairen-Jimenez, D; Gaultois, M.W; Hill, J.A; Magdysyuk, O.V; Slater, B; Goodwin, A.L; Grey, C.P
32017Mn(H2POO)3: A New Family of Hybrid Perovskites Based on the Hypophosphite LigandWu, Y ; Shaker, S; Brivio, F; Murugavel, R; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K 
42017Structural variety in ytterbium dicarboxylate frameworks and: In situ study diffraction of their solvothermal crystallisationBreeze, M.I; Chamberlain, T.W; Clarkson, G.J; De Camargo, R.P; Wu, Y ; De Lima, J.F; Millange, F; Serra, O.A; O'Hare, D; Walton, R.I
52017Synthesis and Characterization of the Rare-Earth Hybrid Double Perovskites: (CH3NH3)2KGdCl6 and (CH3NH3)2KYCl6Deng, Z; Wei, F; Brivio, F; Wu, Y ; Sun, S; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K 
62018Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic and electronic properties of the caesium-based transition metal halide Cs3Fe2Br9Wei, F; Brivio, F; Wu, Y ; Sun, S; Bristowe, P.D; Cheetham, A.K
72017Time-Resolved Powder X-ray Diffraction of the Solvothermal Crystallization of Cobalt Gallate Spinel Photocatalyst Reveals Transient Layered Double HydroxidesCook, D.S; Wu, Y ; Lienau, K; Moré, R; Kashtiban, R.J; Magdysyuk, O.V; Patzke, G.R; Walton, R.I