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Euk Jin Alexander Ling
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
127-Nov-2017Breakdown flash at telecom wavelengths in InGaAs avalanche photodiodesShi, Yicheng ; Lim, Janet Zheng Jie ; Poh, Hou Shun ; Tan, Peng Kian ; Tan, Peiyu Amelia ; Ling, Alexander ; Kurtsiefer, Christian 
22017CubeSat quantum communications missionOi, D.K.L; Ling, A ; Vallone, G; Villoresi, P; Greenland, S; Kerr, E; Macdonald, M; Weinfurter, H; Kuiper, H; Charbon, E; Ursin, R
318-Oct-2021Fibre polarisation state compensation in entanglement-based quantum key distributionShi, Yicheng ; Poh, Hou Shun ; Ling, Alexander ; Kurtsiefer, Christian 
42019Manipulation and measurement of quantum states with liquid crystal devicesLohrmann, A. ; Perumgatt, C. ; Ling, A. 
52016Nanosatellite experiments to enable future space-based QKD missionsBedington, R ; Bai, X ; Truong-Cao, E; Tan, Y.C ; Durak, K ; Zafra, A.V; Grieve, J.A ; Oi, D.K.L; Ling, A 
615-Nov-2016Nanosatellites for quantum science and technologyDaniel K. L. Oi; Alex Ling ; James A. Grieve ; Thomas Jennewein; Aline N. Dinkelaker; Markus Krutzik
72019Satellite quantum communications when man-in-the-middle attacks are excludedVergoossen, T. ; Bedington, R. ; Grieve, J.A. ; Ling, A. 
812-Jul-2021Temperature insensitive type II quasi-phasematched spontaneous parametric downconversionPan, Xin-Yi; Kurtsiefer, Christian ; Ling, Alexander ; Grieve, James A. 
92016The photon pair source that survived a rocket explosionTang, Z ; Chandrasekara, R ; Tan, Y.C ; Cheng, C; Durak, K ; Ling, A