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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2021Charge Transfer Screening and Energy Level Alignment at Complex Organic-Inorganic Interfaces: A Tractable Ab Initio GW ApproachCheng, Nicholas Lin Quan ; Xuan, Fengyuan ; Spataru, Catalin D; Quek, Su Ying 
220-Oct-2016Core-polarization-corrected random-phase approximation with exact exchange for dipole surface plasmons in silver clustersXuan, Fengyuan ; Guet, Claude
31-Jul-2019Dielectric screening by 2D substratesNoori, Keian ; Cheng, Nicholas Lin Quan; Xuan, Fengyuan ; Quek, Su Ying 
430-Jun-2022Giant second-harmonic generation in ferroelectric NbOI2Abdelwahab, Ibrahim ; Tilmann, Benjamin; Wu, Yaze; Giovanni, David; Verzhbitskiy, Ivan; Zhu, Menglong ; Berte, Rodrigo; Xuan, Fengyuan ; Menezes, Leonardo de S; Eda, Goki ; Sum, Tze Chien ; Quek, Su Ying ; Maier, Stefan A; Loh, Kian Ping 
58-May-2021Light-matter interactions in high quality manganese-doped two-dimensional molybdenum diselenideLiu, Sheng; Wu, Yaze; Liu, Xue; del Aguila, Andres Granados; Xuan, Fengyuan ; Chaturvedi, Apoorva; Zhang, Hua; Quek, Su Ying ; Xiong, Qihua
62019Local Density Approximation for the Short-Range Exchange Free Energy FunctionalXuan, F. ; Chai, J.-D.; Su, H.
73-Oct-2017Medium-induced change of the optical response of metal clusters in rare-gas matricesXuan, Fengyuan ; Guet, Claude
81-Jun-2019Quasiparticle Levels at Large Interface Systems from Many-Body Perturbation Theory: The XAF-GW MethodXuan, Fengyuan ; Chen, Yifeng ; Quek, Su Ying 
95-Nov-2020Spin-Dependent Tunneling Barriers in CoPc/VSe2 from Many-Body InteractionsXu, Runrun; Xuan, Fengyuan ; Quek, Su Ying 
1017-Aug-2020Valley Zeeman effect and Landau levels in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenidesXuan, Fengyuan ; Quek, Su Ying 
119-Dec-2021Valley-filling instability and critical magnetic field for interaction-enhanced Zeeman response in doped WSe2 monolayersXuan, Fengyuan ; Quek, Su Ying 
1211-Jan-2022Valley-filling instability and critical magnetic field for interaction-enhanced Zeeman response in doped WSe2 monolayers (vol 7, 198, 2021)Xuan, Fengyuan ; Quek, Su Ying