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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Critical non-Hermitian skin effectLi, L.; Lee, C.H. ; Mu, S. ; Gong, J. 
24-Aug-2021Efficient Ohmic contacts and built-in atomic sublayer protection in MoSi2N4 and WSi2N4 monolayersWang, Qianqian; Cao, Liemao; Liang, Shi-Jun; Wu, Weikang; Wang, Guangzhao; Lee, Ching Hua ; Ong, Wee Liat; Yang, Hui Ying; Ang, Lay Kee; Yang, Shengyuan A.; Ang, Yee Sin
31-Aug-2019Geometric characterization of non-Hermitian topological systems through the singularity ring in pseudospin vector spaceLi, Linhu ; Lee, Ching Hua ; Gong, Jiangbin 
42-Jul-2019Hybrid Higher-Order Skin-Topological Modes in Nonreciprocal SystemsLee, Ching Hua ; Li, Linhu ; Gong, Jiangbin 
52020Imaging nodal knots in momentum space through topolectrical circuitsLee, C.H. ; Sutrisno, A.; Hofmann, T.; Helbig, T.; Liu, Y.; Ang, Y.S.; Ang, L.K.; Zhang, X.; Greiter, M.; Thomale, R.
61-Dec-2021Observation of hybrid higher-order skin-topological effect in non-Hermitian topolectrical circuitsZou, Deyuan; Chen, Tian; He, Wenjing; Bao, Jiacheng; Lee, Ching Hua ; Sun, Houjun; Zhang, Xiangdong
723-Jun-2021Quenched topological boundary modes can persist in a trivial systemLee, Ching Hua ; Song, Justin C. W.
89-Mar-2021Tidal surface states as fingerprints of non-Hermitian nodal knot metalsZhang, Xiao; Li, Guangjie; Liu, Yuhan; Tai, Tommy; Thomale, Ronny; Lee, Ching Hua 
92018Topolectrical CircuitsLee, C.H. ; Imhof, S.; Berger, C.; Bayer, F.; Brehm, J.; Molenkamp, L.W.; Kiessling, T.; Thomale, R.
101-Sep-2018Topolectrical-circuit realization of topological corner modesImhof, Stefan; Berger, Christian; Bayer, Florian; Brehm, Johannes; Molenkamp, Laurens W; Kiessling, Tobias; Schindler, Frank; Lee, Ching Hua ; Greiter, Martin; Neupert, Titus; Thomale, Ronny
112019Topologically enhanced harmonic generation in a nonlinear transmission line metamaterialWang, Y.; Lang, L.-J.; Lee, C.H. ; Zhang, B.; Chong, Y.D.
122020Ultrafast and anharmonic Rabi oscillations between non-Bloch bandsLee, C.H. ; Longhi, S.