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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Autonomous atmospheric water seeping MOF matrixYilmaz, G. ; Meng, F.L. ; Lu, W. ; Abed, J.; Peh, C.K.N. ; Gao, Minmin ; Sargent, E.H.; Ho, G.W. 
22018Effects of oxygen and moisture on the I-V characteristics of TiO2 thin filmsLu, W. ; Wong, L.-M.; Wang, S.; Zeng, K. 
32019Heterogeneously tempered martensitic high strength steel by selective laser melting and its micro-lattice: Processing, microstructure, superior performance and mechanismsLi, X. ; Tan, Y.H.; Willy, H.J.; Wang, P.; Lu, W. ; Cagirici, M.; Ong, C.Y.A. ; Herng, T.S. ; Wei, J.; Ding, J. 
42018Local phenomena at grain boundaries: An alternative approach to grasp the role of oxygen vacancies in metallization of VO2Lu, W. ; Wong, L.-M.; Wang, S.; Zeng, K. 
515-Feb-2021Nanoscale Ferroelectric Characterization with Heterodyne Megasonic Piezoresponse Force MicroscopyZeng, Qibin; Wang, Hongli ; Xiong, Zhuang; Huang, Qicheng; Lu, Wanheng ; Sun, Kuan ; Fan, Zhen ; Zeng, Kaiyang 
62017Self-surface charge exfoliation and electrostatically coordinated 2D hetero-layered hybridsYang, M.-Q ; Xu, Y.-J; Lu, W ; Zeng, K ; Zhu, H; Xu, Q.-H ; Ho, G.W 
72017Ti reactive sintering of electrically conductive Al2O3-TiN composite: Influence of Ti particle size and morphology on electrical and mechanical propertiesZhai, W; Song, X; Li, T; Yu, B; Lu, W ; Zeng, K 
82018Understanding the intrinsic carrier transport in highly oriented poly(3-hexylthiophene): Effect of side chain regioregularityQu, S; Ming, C; Yao, Q; Lu, W ; Zeng, K ; Shi, W; Shi, X; Uher, C; Chen, L
9Mar-2020Variation of contact resonance frequency during domain switching in PFM measurements for ferroelectric materialsLiu, Y.; Sun, Y. ; Lu, W. ; Wang, H. ; Wang, Z.; Yu, B.; Li, T. ; Zeng, K.