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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Construction of a high-density linkage map and fine mapping of QTL for growth in Asian seabassWang L. ; Wan Z.Y.; Bai B.; Huang S.Q.; Chua E.; Lee M.; Pang H.Y.; Wen Y.F.; Liu P. ; Liu F. ; Sun F.; Lin G.; Ye B.Q.; Yue G.H. 
22017Construction of high-resolution recombination maps in Asian seabassWang L. ; Bai B.; Liu P. ; Huang S.Q.; Wan Z.Y.; Chua E.; Ye B.; Yue G.H. 
32018Developing genome-wide SNPs and constructing an ultrahigh-density linkage map in oil palmBai, B; Wang, L ; Zhang, Y.J; Lee, M; Rahmadsyah, R; Alfiko, Y; Ye, B.Q; Purwantomo, S; Suwanto, A; Chua, N.-H ; Yue, G.H 
42020First genetic assessment of brackish water polychaete Tylorrhynchus heterochaetus: Mitochondrial COI sequences reveal strong genetic differentiation and population expansion in samples collected from southeast China and north VietnamChen, X.-H.; Yang, S.; Yang, W.; Si, Y.-Y.; Xu, R.-W.; Fan, B.; Wang, L. ; Meng, Z.-N.
52016Genome-wide methylation analysis identified sexually dimorphic methylated regions in hybrid tilapiaWan, Z.Y; Xia, J.H; Lin, G; Wang, L ; Lin, V.C.L; Yue, G.H 
627-Jun-2021Syntrophic interactions in anaerobic digestion: How biochar properties affect them?Davidraj Johnravindar; Raffel Dharma Patria; Jonathan T. E. Lee ; Le Zhang ; Yen Wah Tong ; Chi-Hwa Wang ; Yong Sik Ok; Guneet Kaur
72014The intestinal microbiome of fish under starvationXia, J.H; Lin, G; Fu, G.H; Wan, Z.Y; Lee, M; Wang, L ; Liu, X.J; Yue, G.H