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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Jan-2021Application of a Multiobjective Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in Industrial Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Treatment with a Fluidized Bed Fenton Process: Performance Prediction and Process OptimizationCAI QINQING ; BRANDON LEE CHUAN YEE ; ONG SAY LEONG ; HU JIANGYONG 
223-Jan-2020Fenton and Ozone Based AOP Processes for Industrial Effluent TreatmentCAI QINQING ; JOTHINATHAN LAKSHMI ; DENG SHIHAI ; ONG SAY LEONG ; NG HOW YONG ; HU JIANGYONG 
34-Jan-2021FeOx@GAC catalyzed microbubble ozonation coupled with biological process for industrial phenolic wastewater treatment: Catalytic performance, biological process screening and microbial characteristicsDENG SHIHAI ; JOTHINATHAN LAKSHMI ; CAI QINQING ; LI RUI ; WU MENGYUAN ; ONG SAY LEONG ; HU JIANGYONG 
412-Jan-2021Fluidized-bed Fenton technologies for recalcitrant industrial wastewater treatment–Recent advances, challenges and perspectiveCAI QINQING ; BRANDON LEE CHUAN YEE ; ONG SAY LEONG ; HU JIANGYONG 
523-Sep-2020Organics removal and in-situ granule activated carbon regeneration in FBR-Fenton/GAC process for reverse osmosis concentrate treatmentCAI QINQING ; WU MENGYUAN ; Hu Limin; BRANDON LEE CHUAN YEE ; HU JIANGYONG ; ONG SAY LEONG 
623-Jan-2021Organics removal in high strength petrochemical wastewater with combined microbubble-catalytic ozonation processJOTHINATHAN LAKSHMI ; CAI QINQING ; ONG SAY LEONG ; HU JIANGYONG 
71-Jun-2020Potential of combined advanced oxidation - biological process for cost-effective organic matters removal in reverse osmosis concentrate produced from industrial wastewater reclamation: Screening of AOP pre-treatment technologiesCAI QINQING ; Wu, M.Y.; Li, R.; Deng, S.H ; Lee, B.C.Y.; Ong, S.L. ; Hu, J.Y. 
828-Jul-2021Reverse osmosis concentrate treatment by microbubble ozonation-biological activated carbon process: Organics removal performance and environmental impact assessmentLOH WEI HAO ; CAI QINQING ; LI RUI ; JOTHINATHAN LAKSHMI ; BRANDON LEE CHUAN YEE ; Ng Oon Hui; Guo Jun; ONG SAY LEONG ; HU JIANGYONG 
915-Sep-2021Simulation of FBR-Fenton/GAC process for recalcitrant industrial wastewater treatment with a computational fluid dynamics-kinetic model frameworkWU MENGYUAN ; CAI QINQING ; XU HONGPENG ; ONG SAY LEONG ; HU JIANGYONG