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128-Feb-2018A Case of Neonatal Central Diabetes Insipidus in a Premature Infant - Challenges in Diagnosis and ManagementSNG ANJIAN ANDREW ; LOKE KAH YIN ; LIM YIJUAN, YVONNE 
21-Jan-2018A Case of Steroid-Responsive Encephalopathy Associated with Autoimmune Thyroiditis (SREAT) in a Girl with Newly Diagnosed Hashimoto ThyroiditisLim, Yijuan Yvonne ; Sng, Anjian Andrew ; Ho, Cindy Wei-li ; Lee, Yung-Seng ; Loke, Kah-Yin 
31-Jan-2018A diagnostic curiosity of isolated androstenedione elevation due to autoantibodies against horseradish peroxidase label of the immunoassayLim, Yvonne Yijuan ; Ong, Lizhen; Loh, Tze Ping; Sethi, Sunil Kumar ; Sng, Andrew AJ ; Loke, Kah Yin; Halsall, David J; Hughes, Ieuan A; Lee, Yung Seng
42020Engineering the Gut Microbiome for Treatment of Obesity: A Review of Current Understanding and ProgressLim, Yvonne Yijuan ; Lee, Yung Seng ; Ooi, Delicia Shu Qin 
52020Self and parent-proxy rated health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in youth with obesity: are parents good surrogates?Ooi, Delicia Shu Qin ; Loke, Kah Yin ; Ho, Cindy Wei Li ; Lim, Yvonne Yijuan ; Tay, Veronica; Karuppiah, Vijaya; Sng, Andrew Anjian ; Lai, Lester Yousheng; Lee, Yung Seng ; Griva, Konstadina 
6Oct-2016Sirolimus therapy in a child with partially diazoxide-responsive hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemiaLoke, Kah-Yin ; Anjian, Andrew Sng ; Yijuan, Yvonne Lim ; Li, Cindy Ho Wei; Guemes, Maria; Hussain, Khalid