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Lee Ta-Yu


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12013Access to Primary Care and Visits to Emergency Departments in England: A Cross-Sectional, Population-Based StudyCowling T.E.; Cecil E.V.; Soljak M.A.; Lee J.T. ; Millett C.; Majeed A.; Wachter R.M.; Harris M.J.
22015Associations between active travel and weight, blood pressure and diabetes in six middle income countries: A cross-sectional study in older adultsLaverty A.A.; Palladino R.; Lee J.T. ; Millett C.
32011Effect of smoke-free legislation on adult smoking behaviour in England in the 18 months following implementationLee J.T. ; Glantz S.A.; Millett C.
42015Impact of noncommunicable disease multimorbidity on healthcare utilisation and out-of-pocket expenditures in middle-income countries: Cross sectional analysisLee J.T. ; Hamid F.; Pati S.; Atun R.; Millett C.
52014Impact of pay for performance on prescribing of long- Acting reversible contraception in primary care: An interrupted time series studyArrowsmith M.E.; Majeed A.; Lee J.T. ; Saxena S.
62014Non communicable disease multimorbidity and associated health care utilization and expenditures in India: Cross-sectional studyPati S.; Agrawal S.; Swain S.; Lee J.T. ; Vellakkal S.; Hussain M.A.; Millett C.
72020Patients with more comorbidities have better detection of chronic conditions, but poorer management and control: Findings from six middle-income countriesSum, G.; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Mercer, S.W.; Wei, L.Y. ; Majeed, A.; Oldenburg, B.; Lee, J.T. 
82015Rural,urban and migrant differences in non-communicable disease risk-factors in middle income countries:A cross-sectional study of WHO-SAGE dataOyebode O.; Pape U.J.; Laverty A.A.; Lee J.T. ; Bhan N.; Millett C.
92011The effects of pay for performance on disparities in stroke, hypertension, and coronary heart disease management: Interrupted time series studyLee J.T. ; Netuveli G.; Majeed A.; Millett C.
102014The relationship between waterpipe and cigarette smoking in low and middle income countries: Cross-sectional analysis of the global adult tobacco surveyJawad M.; Lee J.T. ; Millett C.