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116-Feb-2024A Case of Parathyroid Carcinoma in Renal HyperparathyroidismZheng, Victoria Meijia; Fei Leong, Eugene Kwong; Pinto, Diluka; Parameswaran, Rajeev ; Wu, Bingcheng ; Tan, Nicholas Jin Hong; Lee, James Wai Kit 
23-Nov-2021Challenges in the Management of Parathyroid Cyst: A Minireview.Parameswaran, Rajeev 
31-Sep-2017Changes in bone turnover markers in primary hyperparathyroidism and response to surgeryRajeev P. ; Movseysan A.; Baharani A.
41-Jul-2017Comparison of prognostic scoring systems in follicular thyroid cancerTeo K.W.; Yuan N.K. ; Tan W.B. ; Parameswaran R. 
52017Experience of intraoperative recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring in a single center-normative recurrent laryngeal nerve electromyographic dataSoh G.; Lee J.W.K.; Boon O.H.; Boon T.W. ; Parameswaran R. ; Yuan N.K. 
63-Nov-2021Hypertension Cure and Reducing Pill Burden after Adrenalectomy for Endocrine Hypertension of Adrenal Origin: A Comparative Study from an Asian and UK Cohort.Parameswaran, Rajeev 
77-Oct-2019Identification of somatic alterations in lipoma using whole exome sequencingKanojia, Deepika ; Dakle, Pushkar ; Mayakonda, Anand ; Parameswaran, Rajeev ; Puhaindran, Mark E ; Min, Victor Lee Kwan ; Madan, Vikas ; Koeffler, Phillip 
811-Nov-2022Locally invasive recurrence or metastasis of pheochromocytoma into the liver?—clinicopathological challengesTang, Sarah S; Lee, James WK; Wijerethne, Sujith; Iyer, Shridhar Ganpathi ; Hue, Susan; En, Nga Min ; Parameswaran, Rajeev 
91-Jul-2017Management of unilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve injury after thyroid surgery: A reviewLynch J.; Parameswaran R. 
1017-May-2021Parathyroid allotransplantation to treat post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism: A review of case studiesParameswaran, R ; Samuel, M; Satish, RL ; Kripesh, A; Moorthy, V ; Vajjhala, R; Ng, XL; Yip, GW ; Voon, FCT ; Chandran, Manju 
111-Feb-2017Patterns of metastasis in follicular thyroid carcinoma and the difference between early and delayed presentationParameswaran R. ; Shulin Hu J.; Min En N.; Tan W.B. ; Yuan N.K. 
1214-Sep-2022Revisiting the Evidence for Routine Transcervical Thymectomy for the Prevention of Thymic Carcinoid Tumours in MEN-1 PatientsDe Jong M.C.; Parameswaran R. 
131-Apr-2017Thyroid cytology—nuclear versus architectural atypia within the “Atypia of undetermined significance/follicular lesion of undetermined significance” Bethesda category have significantly different rates of malignancyGan T.R.X.; Nga M.E.; Lum J.H.Y.; Wong W.M.; Tan W.B. ; Parameswaran R. ; Ngiam K.Y.