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1Aug-2018ARCTIC RENEWABLE ENERGY ATLAS PROJECT : August 2018, Singapore Workshop ReportMosey, Gail; Christopher Len Hiap Lee ; Reshetova, Elena ; Nadarajah, Hema; Quirapas, Mary Ann
227-Mar-2018Belt and Road Initiative: Beijing’s Ambition to be a Player in Global Energy GovernanceChristopher Len Hiap Lee 
35-Dec-2014China Coalbed Methane: Slow Start and Still Work in ProgressCRISPIN PHILIP ANDREWS-SPEED ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
45-Jan-2015China Shale Gas: Can the Pace Be Sustained?CRISPIN PHILIP ANDREWS-SPEED ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
52-Nov-2017China's Maritime Silk Road and Energy Geopolitics in the Indian OceanChristopher Len Hiap Lee 
621-Jul-2016Chinese Engagement in Southeast Asian Energy and Mineral Resources: Motivations and OutlookPhilip Andrews-Speed ; Mingda Qiu; Christopher Len 
73-Aug-2018Dammed Mekong: Lasting Challenges for the Region’s Energy SecurityChristopher Len Hiap Lee ; Le Thu, Huong
82013Energy and Sustainable Cities: Summary Report of ConferenceThomson, Elspeth ; Len, Christopher 
9Aug-2016Energy Transitions and a Globalised Arctic: The Role of Science, Technology and Governance, 17 - 19 August 2016Christopher Len Hiap Lee ; Reshetova, Elena ; Nadarajah, Hema
1013-Dec-2016Facilitating Remote Energy Access in the Arctic and Southeast Asia—Key Conditions and InitiativesCHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
111-Sep-2014Indonesia Coalbed Methane: Bountiful Promise Held Up By Institutional ParalysisCHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
122016Perspectives on China’s Rise as a Maritime Power and its Quest for Energy Security: 27‐28 August 2015, Event SummaryChristopher Len Hiap Lee ; Reshetova, E ; Qiu, M.
1324-Sep-2018Sustainable Energy Access in Remote Communities: Lessons from the Arctic and Southeast AsiaELENA RESHETOVA ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
14Feb-2015The Future of Sea Lane Security between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, 23–24June 2015, Meeting SummaryAndrews-Speed, Philip ; Christopher Len 
15Feb-2016The Future of the US Security Umbrella for Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs) between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and the Future Role of ChinaAndrews-Speed, Philip ; Christopher Len Hiap Lee 
1610-Oct-2014Unconventional Gas Development in Vietnam: Early Days in the Hanoi TroughCRISPIN PHILIP ANDREWS-SPEED ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE