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Crispin Philip Andrews-Speed
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Andrews-Speed, P.
Andrews-Speed, Philip
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2014China Coalbed Methane: Slow Start and Still Work in ProgressCRISPIN PHILIP ANDREWS-SPEED ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
25-Jan-2015China Shale Gas: Can the Pace Be Sustained?CRISPIN PHILIP ANDREWS-SPEED ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE 
321-Jul-2016Chinese Engagement in Southeast Asian Energy and Mineral Resources: Motivations and OutlookPhilip Andrews-Speed ; Mingda Qiu; Christopher Len 
42014Conflict and cooperation over access to energy: Implications for a low-carbon futureAndrews-Speed, P. ; van der Linde, C.; Keramidas, K.
529-Apr-2020Governing nuclear safety in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident: incremental or radical change?Philip Andrews-Speed 
61-Jul-2022How May National Culture Shape Public Policy? The Case of Energy Policy in ChinaAndrews-Speed, Philip 
7Nov-2013Interactions between renewable energy policy and renewable energy industrial policy: A critical analysis of china's policy approach to renewable energiesZhang, S.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; Zhao, X.; He, Y.
8May-2013Political and institutional analysis of the successes and failures of China's wind power policyZhang, S.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; Zhao, X.
91-Mar-2020South Korea’s nuclear power industry: recovering from scandalAndrews-Speed, Philip 
101-Aug-2020State versus market in China's low-carbon energy transition: An institutional perspectiveZhang, S; Andrews-Speed, P 
112013The development trajectories of wind power and solar PV power in China: A comparison and policy recommendationsZhang, S.; Zhao, X.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; He, Y.
12Apr-2014The erratic path of the low-carbon transition in China: Evolution of solar PV policyZhang, S.; Andrews-Speed, P. ; Ji, M.
132015The evolving policy regime for pumped storage hydroelectricity in China: A key support for low-carbon energyZhang, Sufang; Andrews-Speed, Philip ; Perera, Pradeep
14Feb-2015The Future of Sea Lane Security between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, 23–24June 2015, Meeting SummaryAndrews-Speed, Philip ; Christopher Len 
15Feb-2016The Future of the US Security Umbrella for Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs) between the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and the Future Role of ChinaAndrews-Speed, Philip ; Christopher Len Hiap Lee 
161-Mar-2020The governance of nuclear power in ChinaAndrews-Speed, Philip 
172013The Political Economy of ASEAN Energy Market IntegrationAndrews-Speed, Philip ; Christopher Len Hiap Lee 
1810-Oct-2014Unconventional Gas Development in Vietnam: Early Days in the Hanoi TroughCRISPIN PHILIP ANDREWS-SPEED ; CHRISTOPHER LEN HIAP LEE