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Lit Hsin Loo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Building predictive in vitro pulmonary toxicity assays using high-throughput imaging and artificial intelligenceLee, J.-Y.J; Miller, J.A; Basu, S; Kee, T.-Z.V; Loo, L.-H 
22013CellXpress: A fast and user-friendly software platform for profiling cellular phenotypesLaksameethanasan, D; Tan, R.Z; Toh, G.W.-L; Loo, L.-H 
32017Early spatiotemporal-specific changes in intermediate signals are predictive of cytotoxic sensitivity to TNF? and co-treatmentsLoo, L.-H ; Bougen-Zhukov, N.M; Tan, W.-L.C
42016High-throughput imaging-based nephrotoxicity prediction for xenobiotics with diverse chemical structuresSu, R; Xiong, S; Zink, D; Loo, L.-H 
52015Prediction of drug-induced nephrotoxicity and injury mechanisms with human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cells and machine learning methodsKandasamy, K ; Chuah, J.K.C; Su, R; Huang, P; Eng, K.G; Xiong, S; Li, Y; Chia, C.S; Loo, L.-H ; Zink, D
62014Quantitative Protein Localization Signatures Reveal an Association between Spatial and Functional Divergences of ProteinsLoo L.-H. ; Laksameethanasan D.; Tung Y.-L.
728-Jun-2021Structure-based virtual screening of CYP1A1 inhibitors: towards rapid tier-one assessment of potential developmental toxicantsGoh, Janice Jia Ni; Behn, Julian; Chong, Cheng-Shoong; Zhong, Guorui; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian ; Fan, Hao ; Loo, Lit-Hsin 
82014Supervised prediction of drug-induced nephrotoxicity based on interleukin-6 and -8 expression levelsSu, R; Li, Y; Zink, D; Loo, L.-H