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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A simple measure with complex determinants: Investigation of the correlates of self-rated health in older men and women from three continentsFrench, D.J; Browning, C; Kendig, H; Luszcz, M.A; Saito, Y ; Sargent-Cox, K; Anstey, K.J
22010Centenarians today: New insights on selection from the 5-COOP studyRobine, J.-M; Cheung, S.L.K; Saito, Y ; Jeune, B; Parker, M.G; Herrmann, F.R
32017Dental health status of community-dwelling older Singaporeans: Findings from a nationally representative surveyChiu C.-T. ; Malhotra R. ; Tan S.M.; Lim J.; Chan A. ; Teoh K.H.; Gan S.T.; Saito Y. 
42017Gender differences in functional disability and self-care among seniors in BangladeshTareque, M.I; Tiedt, A.D; Islam, T.M; Begum, S; Saito, Y 
52016Gender, educational and ethnic differences in active life expectancy among older SingaporeansChan A. ; Malhotra R. ; Matchar D.B. ; Ma S.; Saito Y. 
62015Healthy life expectancy and the correlates of self-rated health in Bangladesh in 1996 and 2002Tareque, M.I; Saito, Y ; Kawahara, K
72014Inequality in disability in BangladeshTareque Md.I.; Begum S.; Saito Y. 
82016Normative Values of Hand Grip Strength for Elderly Singaporeans Aged 60 to 89 Years: A Cross-Sectional StudyMalhotra R. ; Ang S. ; Allen J.C. ; Tan N.C.; TRULS OSTBYE ; Saito Y. ; Chan A. 
92016Variation in the Gender Gap in Inactive and Active Life Expectancy by the Definition of Inactivity among Older AdultsMalhotra R. ; Chan A. ; Ajay S. ; Ma S.; Saito Y.