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12014A systemic evaluation of cardiac differentiation from mRNA reprogrammed human induced pluripotent stem cellsMehta A. ; Verma V.; Nandihalli M.; Ramachandra C.J.A.; Sequiera G.L.; Sudibyo Y.; Chung Y.; Sun W. ; Shim W. 
29-Sep-2021Competitive ELISA for a serologic test to detect dengue serotype-specific anti-NS1 IgGs using high-affinity UB-DNA aptamersMatsunaga, Ken-ichiro; Kimoto, Michiko; Lim, Vanessa Weixun; Thein, Tun-Linn; Vasoo, Shawn; Leo, Yee-Sin ; Sun, William ; Hirao, Ichiro
31-May-2021Engineered ns1 for sensitive, specifi c zika virus diagnosis from patient serologyYap, Thai Leong; Hong, Shin Yee; Soh, Jun Hui; Ravichandraprabhu, Lekha; Lim, Vanessa W. X.; Chan, Hsi-Min; Ong, Tommy Z. X.; Chua, Ying Ping; Koh, Shi En; Wang, Huajing; Leo, Yee Sin ; Ying, Jackie Y.; Sun, William 
425-Jun-2021High-affinity five/six-letter DNA aptamers with superior specificity enabling the detection of dengue NS1 protein variants beyond the serotype identificationMatsunaga, Ken-Ichiro; Kimoto, Michiko; Lim, Vanessa Weixun; Tan, Hui Pen; Wong, Yu Qian; Sun, William ; Vasoo, Shawn; Leo, Yee Sin ; Hirao, Ichiro
52016Isolation of a recombinant antibody specific for a surface marker of the corneal endothelium by phage displayDorfmueller, S; Tan, H.C; Ngoh, Z.X; Toh, K.Y; Peh, G ; Ang, H.-P; Seah, X.-Y; Chin, A; Choo, A ; Mehta, J.S ; Sun, W 
6Apr-2019Thin peptide hydrogel membranes suitable as scaffolds for engineering layered biostructuresSEOW, WEI YANG; KANDASAMY, KARTHIKEYAN ; PURNAMAWATI, KRISTY ; SUN, WILLIAM ; HAUSER, CHARLOTTE AE
7Aug-2019Ultrathin, Strong, and Cell-Adhesive Agarose-Based Membranes Engineered as Substrates for Corneal Endothelial CellsSeow, Wei Yang; Kandasamy, Karthikeyan ; Peh, Gary SL ; Mehta, Jodhbir S ; Sun, William