Full Name
Teo Chu Ying Albert
(not current staff)
Teo, A.C.
Teo, A.
Teo, A.C.Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2007Alliances and performance in the airline industry, 1998-2002 : a network perspectiveTeo, Albert C. Y. ; Leong, Arthur K. C.
21996Creative self-destruction among organizations: An empirical study of technical innovation and organizational failure in the American automobile industry, 1885-1981Carroll, G.R.; Teo, A.C. 
3Jan-2014Driving forces behind and barriers to relational transaction practices in public construction projectsNing, Y.; Ling, F.Y.Y. ; Teo, A.C.Y. 
41999HIV and youths in Singapore - Knowledge, attitudes and willingness to work with HIV-infected personsLim, V.K.G. ; Teo, T.S.H. ; Teo, A.C.Y. ; Tan, K.T.L.
5Aug-1998How constitutive legitimation, sociopolitical legitimation and competition affected foundings of Singapore hotels, 1832-1997Teo, Albert C. Y. ; Chow, Mun-Choong
62001How Constitutive Legitimation, Sociopolitical Legitimation, and Competition Affected Foundings of Singapore Hotels, 1832 to 1997Teo, A.C.Y. 
7Aug-1998Institutionalization of electronic commerce : the case of SingaporeTeo, Albert C. ; Thompson S.H. Teo ; Vivien K G Lim ; Chong-Lim Low
8Jul-1996On the social networks of managersCarroll, Glenn R. ; Teo Chu Ying Albert 
91996On the social networks of managersCarroll, G.R.; Teo, A.C. 
102005Organizational restructuring: Impact on trust and work satisfactionLee, G. ; Teo, A. 
112006The ecological interdependence of emergent and established organizational populations: Legitimacy transfer, violation by comparison, and unstable identitiesDobrev, S.D.; Ozdemir, S.Z.; Teo, A.C.