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Yang, X.


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115-Nov-1993Alternative splicing in a novel tyrosine phosphatase gene (DPTP4E) of Drosophila melanogaster generates two large receptor-like proteins which differ in their carboxyl terminiOon, S.H. ; Hong, A.; Yang, X. ; Chia, W. 
218-Feb-2000Analysis of partner of inscuteable, a novel player of Drosophila asymmetric divisions, reveals two distinct steps in inscuteable apical localizationYu, F. ; Morin, X.; Cai, Y. ; Yang, X. ; Chia, W. 
315-Jun-1998Binary sibling neuronal cell fate decisions in the Drosophila embryonic central nervous system are nonstochastic and require inscuteable-mediated asymmetry of ganglion mother cellsBuescher, M. ; Yeo, S.L. ; Udolph, G.; Zavortink, M.; Yang, X. ; Tear, G.; Chia, W. 
48-Aug-1997Inscuteable and staufen mediate asymmetric localization and segregation of prospero RNA during drosophila neuroblast cell divisionsLi, P. ; Yang, X. ; Wasser, M. ; Cai, Y. ; Chiat, W.
51-Jun-1997Klumpfuss, a putative Drosophila zinc finger transcription factor, acts to differentiate between the identities of two secondary precursor cells within one neuroblast lineageYang, X. ; Bahri, S. ; Klein, T. ; Chia, W. 
65-Jan-1995Masquerade: A novel secreted serine protease-like molecule is required for somatic muscle attachment in the Drosophila embryoMurugasu-Oei, B. ; Rodrigues, V.; Yang, X. ; Chia, W. 
7Jun-1996Mutations in masquerade, a novel serine-protease-like molecule, affect axonal guidance and taste behavior in DrosophilaMurugasu-Oei, B. ; Balakrishnan, R.; Yang, X. ; Chia, W. ; Rodrigues, V.
81995On the functional overlap between two Drosophila POU homeo domain genes and the cell fate specification of a CNS neural precursorSu Ling Yeo ; Lloyd, A.; Kozak, K.; Dinh, A.; Dick, T. ; Yang, X. ; Sakonju, S.; Chia, W. 
91997On the roles of inscuteable in asymmetric cell divisions in DrosophilaChia, W. ; Kraut, R. ; Li, P. ; Yang, X. ; Zavortink, M.
10Sep-1997The Drosophila bifocal gene encodes a novel protein which colocalizes with actin and is necessary for photoreceptor morphogenesisBahri, S.M. ; Yang, X. ; Chia, W. 
11Feb-1994The Drosophila l(2)35Ba/nocA gene encodes a putative Zn finger protein involved in the development of the embryonic brain and the adult ocellar structuresCheah, P.Y. ; Meng, Y.B.; Yang, X. ; Kimbrell, D.; Ashburner, M.; Chia, W. 
121993The role of a Drosophila POU homeo domain gene in the specification of neural precursor cell identity in the developing embryonic central nervous systemYang, X. ; Yeo, S. ; Dick, T. ; Chia, W. 
131991Two closely linked Drosophila POU domain genes are expressed in neuroblasts and sensory elementsDick, T. ; Yang, X. ; Yeo, S. ; Chia, W. 
141991Two Drosophila receptor-like tyrosine phosphatase genes are expressed in a subset of developing axons and pioneer neurons in the embryonic CNSYang, X. ; Seow, K.T. ; Bahri, S.M. ; Oon, S.H. ; Chia, W.