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Tang, W.-S.
Tang, W.
Tang, W.S.
Tang, Wai-Shing
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2009Average sampling in L2Nashed, M.Z.; Sun, Q.; Tang, W.-S. 
22000Biorthogonality and multiwavelets in Hilbert spacesTang, Wai-Shing 
32013Centralizers and jordan derivations for csl subalgebras of von neumann algebrasLi, P.; Han, D.; Tang, W.-S. 
41997Characterizations of wavelet bases and frames in Hilbert spacesLee, S.L. ; Tang, W.S. 
51998Construction of schauder decomposition on banach spaces of periodic functionsGoh, S.S. ; Lee, S.L. ; Shen, Z. ; Tang, W.S. 
6Apr-2005Convolution, average sampling, and a calderon resolution of the identity for shift-invariant spacesAldroubi, A.; Sun, Q.; Tang, W.-S. 
7Aug-2012Derivations on the algebra of operators in hilbert C*-modulesLi, P.T.; Han, D.G.; Tang, W.S. 
8Mar-2006Frame vectors for representations of Abelian groupsTang, W.S. ; Weber, E.
92011Frames and their associated Hp F-subspacesHan, D.; Li, P.; Tang, W.-S. 
10Dec-2004Geometric aspects of frame representations of abelian groupsAldroubi, A.; Larson, D.; Tang, W.-S. ; Weber, E.
11Dec-1991L2-approximation by the translates of a function and related attenuation factorsLee, S.L. ; Tan, R.C.E. ; Tang, W.S. 
122004Nonuniform Average Sampling and Reconstruction in Multiply Generated Shift-Invariant SpacesAldroubi, A.; Sun, Q.; Tang, W.-S. 
132000Oblique multiwavelets in hilbert spacesTang, W.-S. 
142000Oblique projections, biorthogonal riesz bases and multiwavelets in hilbert spacesTang, W.-S. 
15Nov-2011Operator valued frames and structured quantum channelsHan, D.; Li, P.; Meng, B.; Tang, W. 
16Mar-2011Topological and geometric properties of refinable functions and MRA affine framesHan, D.; Sun, Q.; Tang, W.-S. 
17Feb-1993Wavelet bases for a set of commuting unitary operatorsGoodman, T.N.T.; Lee, S.L. ; Tang, W.S.