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Lang Mong Lung
(not current staff)
Lang, M.L.
Lang, M.-L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2007A simple proof of the Markoff conjecture for prime powersLang, M.L. ; Tan, S.P. 
22-May-1997Characterisations of Ap+2 and L2 (2q)Lang, M.-L. 
32004Congruence subgroups associated to the monsterChua, K.S.; Lang, M.L. 
415-May-2005Extending π-systems to bases of root systemsAslaksen, H. ; Lang, M.L. 
515-Apr-2004Groups commensurable with the modular groupLang, M.L. 
6Jan-2005Indecomposable Sylow 2-subgroups of simple groupsHarada, K.; Lang, M.L. 
7Dec-1995Independent generators for congruence subgroups of Hecke groupsLang, M.-L. ; Lim, C.-H. ; Tan, S.-P. 
81-Feb-2002Normalisers of subgroups of the modular groupLang, M.L. 
9Jan-2001Normalizer of Γ1(m)Lang, M.-L. 
101999Normalizers of the congruence subgroups of the Hecke group G5Lang, M.-L. ; Tan, S.-P. 
112000Normalizers of the congruence subgroups of the hecke group G5 IILang, M.-L. ; Tan, S.-P. 
12Sep-2001Normalizers of the Congruence Subgroups of the Hecke Groups G4 and G6Lang, M.-L. 
131-Jul-2004On Rademacher's conjecture: Congruence subgroups of genus zero of the modular groupChua, K.S.; Lang, M.L. ; Yang, Y.
1415-Feb-2005On Thompson's finiteness theoremLang, M.L. 
15Dec-2000Principal Congruence Subgroups of the Hecke GroupsLang, M.-L. ; Lim, C.-H. ; Tan, S.-P. 
161998Ramanujan's modular equations and Atkin-Lehner involutionsChan, H.H. ; Lang, M.L. 
17Dec-1992Some modular functions associated to the Lie algebra E 8Chan, S.-P. ; Lang, M.-L. ; Lim, C.-H. 
181-Jul-2001The signature of Γ+ 0(n)Lang, M.-L. 
192000The signatures of the congruence subgroups G0(τ) of the hecke groups G4 and G6Lang, M.-L. 
20Feb-2007The structure of the normalisers of the congruence subgroups of the Hecke group G5Lang, M.L.