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Cao Zhiwei
(not current staff)
Cao, Z.W.
Zhi, W.C.
Cao, Z.W
Cao, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12001Can an optimization/scoring procedure in ligand-protein docking be employed to probe drug-resistant mutations in proteins?Chen, Y.Z ; Gu, X.L; Cao, Z.W 
21-Apr-2005Computer prediction of drug resistance mutations in proteinsCao, Z.W. ; Han, L.Y. ; Zheng, C.J. ; Ji, Z.L.; Chen, X. ; Lin, H.H.; Chen, Y.Z. 
3Jan-2003Correlation between normal modes in the 20-200 cm-1 frequency range and localized torsion motions related to certain collective motions in proteinsCao, Z.W. ; Chen, X. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
42001Hydrogen-bond disruption probability in proteins by a modified self-consistent harmonic approachCao, Z.W. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
515-Jun-2003Internet resources for proteins associated with drug therapeutic effects, adverse reactions and ADMEJi, Z.L. ; Sun, L.Z.; Chen, X. ; Zheng, C.J. ; Yao, L.X.; Han, L.Y. ; Cao, Z.W. ; Wang, J.F.; Yeo, W.K. ; Cai, C.Z. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
61-Jul-2004MoViES: Molecular vibrations evaluation server for analysis of fluctuational dynamics of proteins and nucleic acidsCao, Z.W. ; Xue, Y.; Han, L.Y. ; Xie, B.; Zhou, H.; Zheng, C.J. ; Lin, H.H.; Chen, Y.Z. 
7Jul-2004Prediction of P-glycoprotein substrates by a support vector machine approachXue, Y. ; Yap, C.W. ; Sun, L.Z.; Cao, Z.W. ; Wang, J.F.; Chen, Y.Z. 
82005Prediction of putative adverse drug reaction-related proteins from primary sequence by support vector machinesZhi, L.J.; Lian, Y.H. ; Chan, J.Z. ; Zhi, W.C. ; Yu, Z.C. 
9Jul-2006Recent progresses in the application of machine learning approach for predicting protein functional class independent of sequence similarity.Han, L. ; Cui, J.; Lin, H.; Ji, Z. ; Cao, Z. ; Li, Y.; Chen, Y. 
10Jun-2006Therapeutic targets: Progress of their exploration and investigation of their characteristicsZheng, C.J. ; Han, L.Y. ; Yap, C.W. ; Ji, Z.L. ; Cao, Z.W. ; Chen, Y.Z.