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Bee Leng Sophia Ang
Ang, Bee Leng Sophia
Ang, S.B.L.
Ang, S.
Leng Ang, Sophia Bee
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Aug-2021Bronchial rupture following endobronchial blocker placement: a case report of a rare, unfortunate complicationOo, Shuwen; Chia, Rachel Hui Xuan; Li, Yue; Sampath, Hari Kumar; Ang, Sophia Bee Leng ; Paranjothy, Suresh; Tam, John Kit Chung; Lee, Chang Chuan Melvin
215-Jan-2015Designing and Evaluating an Interactive Multimedia Web-Based Simulation for Developing Nurses' Competencies in Acute Nursing Care: Randomized Controlled TrialLiaw, Siok Ying ; Wong, Lai Fun ; Chan, Sally Wai Chi; Mordiffi, Siti Zubaidah; Ho, Jasmine Tze Yin; Ang, Bee Leng Sophia ; Goh, Poh Sun ; Ang, Neo Kim, Emily 
314-May-2021Evaluation of the Efficiency and Safety of a Safe Label SystemNeo, Hong Jye ; Sim, Ming Ann; Ti, Lian Kah ; Ang, Sophia Bee Leng 
4Jul-2011Meeting regulatory requirements by the use of cell phone text message notification with autoescalation and loop closure for reporting of critical laboratory resultsSaw, S.; Loh, T.P.; Ang, S.B.L. ; Yip, J.W.L.; Sethi, S.K. 
5Jan-2013Patient safety culture among medical students in Singapore and Hong KongLeung GKK; SOPHIA ANG BEE LENG ; Lau Tang Ching ; NEO HONG JYE ; Patil NG; TI LIAN KAH 
61-Sep-2020Restructuring the surgical service during the COVID-19 pandemic: Experience from a tertiary institution in SingaporeLow, Tze-Yi; Hartman, Mikael ; Chee, Corissa Yi Juan; Mohankumar, Bhuvaneshwari; Ang, S.B.L. ; San, Moe Thu; Shabbir, Asim; Madhavan, Krishnakumar; So, Jimmy Bok Yan
722-Oct-2015Strengthening the afferent limb of Rapid Response Systems: An educational intervention using web-based learning for early recognition and responding to deteriorating patientsLiaw, Siok Ying ; Wong, Lai Fun ; Ang, Bee Leng Sophia ; Ho, Jasmine Tze Yin; Siau, Chiang ; Ang, Neo Kim, Emily 
82017The effect of a web-based educational program on nursing practice in recognising and responding to deteriorating ward patients: A qualitative evaluation studyLiaw S.Y. ; Ping Lim E.Y.; Wong L.F. ; Yin Ho J.T.; Mordiffi S.Z. ; Leng Ang S.B. ; Chua W.L. ; Ang E.N.K. 
91999The effect of propofol on human gastric and colonic muscle contractionsLee, T.-L. ; Ang, S.B.L. ; Dambisya, Y.M. ; Adaikan, G.P. ; Lau, L.-C. 
10Aug-2013Transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Implications for Asian patientsTay, E.L. ; Yip, J.W.-L. ; Teoh, K.L.; Ang, S. ; Poh, K.K. ; Teo, L.L.; Yeo, T.C. ; Lee, C.N. ; Tan, H.C. ; Hon, J.K.