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Lin Yi-Pin
(not current staff)
Lin, Y.-P.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Mar-2011Determination of PbO2 formation kinetics from the chlorination of Pb(II) carbonate solids via direct PbO2 measurementZhang, Y.; Lin, Y.-P. 
215-Dec-2009Effect of Mg2+ on the kinetics of calcite crystal growthLin, Y.-P. ; Singer, P.C.
32010Fast detection of lead dioxide (PbO2) in chlorinated drinking water by a two-stage iodometric methodZhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, Y.-P. 
415-Apr-2012Incorporation of initiation, promotion and inhibition in the R ct concept and its application in determining the initiation and inhibition capacities of natural water in ozonationYong, E.L.; Lin, Y.-P. 
5Jul-2012Iodide-assisted total lead measurement and determination of different lead fractions in drinking water samplesZhang, Y.; Ng, D.-Q.; Lin, Y.-P. 
615-May-2009Reduction of lead oxide (PbO2) and release of Pb(II) in mixtures of natural organic matter, free chlorine and monochloramineLin, Y.-P. ; Valentine, R.L.
715-Apr-2008Reduction of lead oxide (PbO2) by iodide and formation of iodoform in the PbO2/I-/NOM systemLin, Y.-P. ; Washburn, M.P.; Valentine, R.L.
815-May-2010Reductive dissolution of lead dioxide (PbO2) in acidic bromide solutionLin, Y.-P. ; Valentine, R.L.
915-Dec-2008Release of Pb(II) from monochloramine-mediated reduction of lead oxide (PbO2)Lin, Y.-P. ; Valentine, R.L.
1016-Oct-2012Role of orthophosphate as a corrosion inhibitor in chloraminated solutions containing tetravalent lead corrosion product PbO2Ng, D.-Q.; Strathmann, T.J.; Lin, Y.-P.