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Kien Ming Ng
Ng, K.-M.
Ng, K.M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A Bayesian metamodeling approach for stochastic simulationsYin, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Ng, K.M. 
2Aug-2005A fast tabu search algorithm for the group shop scheduling problemLiu, S.Q.; Ong, H.L. ; Ng, K.M. 
3Apr-2007A generalized crossing local search method for solving vehicle routing problemsZeng, L.; Ong, H.L. ; Ng, K.M. 
4Mar-2008A genetic algorithm for the teacher assignment problem for a University in IndonesiaGunawan, A.; Ng, K.M. ; Ong, H.L. 
52008A hybrid algorithm for the quadratic assignment problemNg, K.M. ; Gunawan, A.; Poh, K.L. 
62006A hybrid MIP/heuristic model for experience based driver assignmentLau, H.C.; Thangarajoo, R. ; Ng, K.M. 
71-Apr-2013A hybrid water flow algorithm for multi-objective flexible flow shop scheduling problemsTran, T.H.; Ng, K.M. 
8Dec-2012A hybridized Lagrangian relaxation and simulated annealing method for the course timetabling problemGunawan, A.; Ng, K.M. ; Poh, K.L. 
92005A mathematical programming model for personnel-equipment task rosteringNg, K.M. ; Tay, T.L. ; Poh, K.L. 
10Apr-2010A modified tabu search algorithm for cost-based job shop problemZhu, Z.C.; Ng, K.M. ; Ong, H.L. 
112010A risk management-based decision model for a type of dynamic multi-state systems with application on maritime transportationXiao, H.; Roohi, Sh.F.; Ng, K.M. ; Habibullah, M.S.
12Jul-2012A study of lifetime optimization of transportation systemSun, Z.-L.; Xie, M. ; Ng, K.M. ; Habibullah, M.S.
132009A study on the effects of parameter estimation on kriging model's prediction error in stochastic simulationsYin, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Ng, K.M. 
14Oct-2011A water-flow algorithm for flexible flow shop scheduling with intermediate buffersTran, T.H.; Ng, K.M. 
152011An accident risk-based approach for hazmat transportation decision makingRoohi, S.F.; Xie, M. ; Ng, K.M. 
16Oct-2010An algorithm for nonlinear optimization problems with binary variablesMurray, W.; Ng, K.-M. 
172007An application of tabu search algorithm on cost-based job shop problem with multiple objectivesZhu, Z.C.; Ng, K.M. ; Ong, H.L. 
18Mar-2005An assignment-based local search method for solving vehicle routing problemsZeng, L.; Ong, H.L. ; Ng, K.M. 
192011An extended quantitative risk analysis model by incorporating human and organizational factorsWang, Y.F.; Xie, M. ; Ng, K.M. 
2016-Jan-2018An iterated local search algorithm for the team orienteering problem with variable profitsAldy Gunawan; Kien Ming Ng ; Graham Kendall; Junhan Lai