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Szu Hui Ng
Ng, S.-H.
Ng, Szuhui
Ng, S.H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A Bayesian metamodeling approach for stochastic simulationsYin, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Ng, K.M. 
2Jan-2010A Bayesian model-averaging approach for multiple-response optimizationNg, S.H. 
32009A general formulation of optimal testing-time allocation for modular systemsLi, X.; Xie, M. ; Ng, S.H. 
4Dec-2004A model for correlated failures in N-version programmingDai, Y.S.; Xie, M. ; Poh, K.L. ; Ng, S.H. 
52009A model of open source software maintenance activitiesXiong, C.J.; Li, Y.F.; Xie, M. ; Ng, S.H. ; Goh, T.N. 
62013A sequential approach for stochastic computer model calibration and predictionYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. 
7Apr-2006A statistical investigation and optimization of an industrial radiography inspection process for aero-engine componentsWong, W.K.; Ng, S.H. ; Xu, K. 
82006A study of software fault detection and correction process modelsWu, Y.P.; Hu, Q.P.; Ng, S.H. 
9Jun-2007A study of the modeling and analysis of software fault-detection and fault-correction processesXie, M. ; Hu, Q.P.; Wu, Y.P.; Ng, S.H. 
102008A study of unavailability of software systemsXiong, C.J.; Ng, S.H. 
11May-2012A study on bunker fuel management for the shipping liner servicesYao, Z. ; Ng, S.H. ; Lee, L.H. 
122009A study on the effects of parameter estimation on kriging model's prediction error in stochastic simulationsYin, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Ng, K.M. 
13Sep-2010A systematic comparison of metamodeling techniques for simulation optimization in Decision Support SystemsLi, Y.F.; Ng, S.H. ; Xie, M. ; Goh, T.N. 
142013An entropy based sequential calibration approach for stochastic computer modelsJun, Y.; Ng, S.H. 
152010Application of stochastic approximation methods for stochastic computer models calibrationYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. ; Tsui, K.L.
162011Bayesian calibration of stochastic computer modelsYuan, J.; Ng, S.H. 
17Aug-2012Bayesian kriging analysis and design for stochastic simulationsNg, S.H. ; Yin, J.
182005Bayesian networks modeling for software inspection effectivenessWu, Y.P.; Hu, Q.P.; Poh, K.L. ; Ng, S.H. ; Xie, M. 
1920-Nov-2018Bayesian Optimal Designs for Efficient Estimation of the Optimum Point with Generalised Linear ModelsGuilin Li; Szu Hui Ng ; Matthias Hwai-yong Tan
202003Benchmarking of a stochastic production planning model in a simulation testbedRiaño, G.; Serfozo, R.; Hackman, S.; Ng, S.H. ; Chan, L.P.; Lendermann, P.