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Ting Hui Ng
(not current staff)
Ng, T.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2011A record of the banded file snake, Acrochordus granulatus (Reptilia: Squamata: Acrochordidae) in a freshwater habitat in SingaporeNG TING HUI 
211-Aug-2020Annotated checklist of freshwater molluscs from the largest freshwater lake in Southeast AsiaNg Ting Hui ; Jeratthitikul, Ekgachai; Sutcharit, Chirasak; Chhuoy, Samol; Pin, Kakada; Pholyotha, Arthit; Siriwut, Warut; Srisonchai, Ruttapon; Hogan, Zeb S; Ngor, Peng Bun
32020Annotated checklist of the land snail fauna from Southern Cambodia (Mollusca, gastropoda)Sutcharit, C.; Thach, P.; Chhuoy, S.; Ngor, P.B.; Jeratthitikul, E.; Siriwut, W.; Srisonchai, R.; Ng, T.H. ; Pholyotha, A.; Jirapatrasilp, P.; Panha, S.
419-Apr-2021First record of the worm snail Eualetes tulipa (Rousseau in Chenu, 1843) in Southeast AsiaTAN SIONG KIAT (CHEN XIONGJIE) ; Loh, Rebecca K; NG TING HUI 
51-Jan-2021First record of the worm snail eualetes tulipa (Rousseau in chenu, 1843) in southeast asiaTan, Siong Kiat ; Loh, Rebecca K. ; Ng, Ting Hui 
6Apr-2011Local geographic range predicts freshwater fish extinctions in SingaporeGiam, X.; Ng, T.H. ; Lok, A.F.S.L. ; Ng, H.H. 
719-Jun-2015Preliminary checklist of the freshwater Gastropoda of BruneiNG TING HUI ; Kahar, RS; Marshall, David J
82010The extent of undiscovered species in Southeast AsiaGiam, X.; Ng, T.H. ; Yap, V.B. ; Tan, H.T.W. 
9Jun-2010The introduction, origin and life-history attributes of the non-native cichlid Etroplus suratensis in the coastal waters of SingaporeNg, T.H. ; Tan, H.H.