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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2010A Bayesian approach to uncertainty analysis of sexually transmitted infection modelsJohnson, L.F.; Alkema, L. ; Dorrington, R.E.
2Jul-2011bayesTFR: An R package for probabilistic projections of the total fertility rateŠevčíková, H.; Alkema, L. ; Raftery, A.E.
3Aug-2012Child Mortality Estimation: A Comparison of UN IGME and IHME Estimates of Levels and Trends in Under-Five Mortality Rates and DeathsAlkema, L. ; You, D.
4Aug-2012Child Mortality Estimation: Accelerated Progress in Reducing Global Child Mortality, 1990-2010Hill, K.; You, D.; Inoue, M.; Oestergaard, M.Z.; Hill, K.; Alkema, L. ; Cousens, S.; Croft, T.; Guillot, M.; Pedersen, J.; Walker, N.; Wilmoth, J.; Jones, G.
52011Community essay tools for enhancing interdisciplinary communicationWinowiecki, L.; Smukler, S.; Shirley, K.; Remans, R.; Peltier, G.; Lothes, E.; King, E.; Comita, L.; Baptista, S.; Alkema, L. 
628-Sep-2011Estimating the Under-Five mortality rate using a Bayesian hierarchical time series modelAlkema, L. ; Ann, W.L.
72012Estimating trends in the total fertility rate with uncertainty using imperfect data: Examples from West AfricaAlkema, L. ; Raftery, A.E.; Gerland, P.; Clark, S.J.; Pelletier, F.
8Dec-2013Levels of urbanization in the world's countries: Testing consistency of estimates based on national definitionsAlkema, L. ; Jones, G.W. ; Lai, C.U.R.
9Jun-2013Millennium development goals national targets are moving targets and the results will not be known until well afterthe deadline of 2015Oestergaard, M.Z.; Alkema, L. ; Lawn, J.E.
102013National, regional, and global rates and trends in contraceptive prevalence and unmet need for family planning between 1990 and 2015: A systematic and comprehensive analysisAlkema, L. ; Kantorova, V.; Menozzi, C.; Biddlecom, A.
11Aug-2011Probabilistic Projections of the Total Fertility Rate for All CountriesAlkema, L. ; Raftery, A.E.; Gerland, P.; Clark, S.J.; Pelletier, F.; Buettner, T.; Heilig, G.K.
12Dec-2012Progress toward Global Reduction in Under-Five Mortality: A Bootstrap Analysis of Uncertainty in Millennium Development Goal 4 EstimatesAlkema, L. ; New, J.R.