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Tan, Meng Chwan
Tan, M.-C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2014A topological Chern-Simons sigma model and new invariants of three-manifoldsLuo, Y.; Tan, M.-C. 
22019Boundary N=2 Theory, Floer Homologies, Affine Algebras, and the Verlinde FormulaMEER ASHWINKUMAR MUHYIDIN ; Png, Kee-Seng; TAN MENG CHWAN 
3Aug-2009Equivariant cohomology of the chiral de Rham complex and the half-twisted gauged sigma modelTan, M.-C. 
41-Mar-2008Gauging spacetime symmetries on the worldsheet and the geometric Langlands programTan, M.-C. 
51-Sep-2008Gauging spacetime symmetries on the worldsheet and the geometric Langlands program - IITan, M.-C. 
62011Integration over the u-plane in Donaldson theory with surface operatorsTan, M.-C. 
72013M-theoretic derivations of 4d-2d dualities: From a geometric Langlands duality for surfaces, to the AGT correspondence, to integrable systemsTan, M.-C. 
82012Notes on the ramified Seiberg-Witten equations and invariantsTan, M.-C. 
92015Quasi-topological gauged sigma models, the geometric Langlands program, and knotsTan, Meng Chwan 
10Jan-2011Supersymmetric surface operators, four-manifold theory and invariants in various dimensionsTan, M.-C. 
11Jun-2008The half-twisted orbifold sigma model and the Chiral de Rham complexTan, M.-C. 
121-Jul-2007Two-dimensional twisted sigma models, the mirror chiral de Rham complex, and twisted generalised mirror symmetryTan, M.-C. 
132019Unifying Lattice Models, Links and Quantum Geometric Langlands via Branes in String TheoryMEER ASHWINKUMAR MUHYIDIN ; TAN MENG CHWAN