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Chia Hwee Pin
Chia, H.P.
Chia, H.-P.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000A community study of male androgenetic alopecia in Bishan, SingaporeChia, H.P. ; Koh, D.; Cheong, L.L.; Koh, D.; Tang, P.H.
21993A study of needle stick injuries among medical undergraduates.Chia, H.P. ; Koh, D. ; Jeyaratnam, J. 
31994A study of needle-stick injuries among house officers in a major hospital.Chia, H.P. ; Koh, D. ; Chong, R.; Jeyaratnam, J. 
41995Chili - Protective factor against peptic ulcer?Kang, J.Y. ; Yeoh, K.G. ; Chia, H.P. ; Lee, H.P.; Chia, Y.W. ; Guan, R. 
51998Clinical Predictors of Nephritis in Systemic Lupus ErythematosusThumboo, J.; Fong, K.Y.; Chng, H.H.; Koh, E.T.; Leong, K.H.; Koh, W.H.; Howe, H.S.; Leong, K.P.; Boey, M.L.; Feng, P.H.; Chia, H.P. 
61996Congenital anomalies in SingaporeTan, K.L.; Chia, H.P. 
71996Cumulative blood lead levels and nerve conduction parametersChia, S.E. ; Chia, H.P. ; Ong, C.N. ; Jeyaratnam, J. 
81997Cumulative blood lead levels and neurobehavioral test performanceChia, S.-E. ; Chia, H.-P. ; Jeyaratnam, J. 
91996Cumulative concentrations of blood lead and postural stabilityChia, S.E. ; Chia, H.P. ; Ong, C.N. ; Jeyaratnam, J. 
101994Occupational health through primary health care clinics in Singapore.Koh, D. ; Chia, H.P. 
11Oct-1997Patterns of psoriatic arthritis in OrientalsThumboo, J.; Tham, S.-N.; Tay, Y.-K.; Chee, T.; Mow, B.; Chia, H.-P. ; Boey, M.-L.
121994Skin disorders among hand solderers in the electronics industryKoh, D. ; Lee, H.S. ; Chia, H.P. ; Phoon, W.H.
13Jul-1998The effects of ethnicity on disease patterns in 472 orientals with systemic lupus erythematosusThumboo, J.; Tham, S.-N.; Tay, Y.-K.; Chee, T.; Mow, B.; Chia, H.-P. ; Boey, M.-L.
141996Transcutaneous bilirubinometry in Chinese, Malay and Indian infantsTan, K.L. ; Chia, H.P. ; Koh, B.C.