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Hew Choy Sin
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Hew, C.S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2001Ancient Chinese orchid cultivation. A fresh look at an age-old practiceHew, C.S. 
2Jun-1999Changes in photosynthetic capability and carbohydrate production in an epiphytic CAM orchid plantlet exposed to super-elevated CO2Gouk, S.S. ; He, J.; Hew, C.S. 
31994Circadian rhythm of carbon dioxide production by anthurium flowersHew, C.S. ; Ong, T.K.; Yap, W.P.
41-Sep-2003Cloning of a sucrose-phosphate synthase gene highly expressed in flowers from the tropical epiphytic orchid Oncidium GoldianaLi, C.R.; Zhang, X.B.; Hew, C.S. 
51-Jul-2003Cloning, characterization and expression analysis of a sucrose synthase gene from tropical epiphytic orchid Oncidium GoldianaLi, C.R.; Zhang, X.B.; Hew, C.S. 
6Jan-2004Cloning, characterization and tissue specific expression of a sucrose synthase gene from tropical epiphytic CAM orchid Mokara YellowLi, C.R.; Zhang, X.B.; Huang, C.H.; Hew, C.S. 
71999Developmental changes in chloroplast ultrastructure and carbon-fixation metabolism of Dendrobium flowers (Orchidaceae)Khoo, G.H.; Hew, C.S. 
81997Effects of super-elevated CO2 on the growth and carboxylating enzymes in an epiphytic CAM orchid plantletGouk, S.S. ; Yong, J.W.H.; Hew, C.S. 
91994Growth and photosynthesis of Oncidium 'Goldiana'Hew, C.S. ; Yong, J.W.H.
102009History-physiology pollination effects on orchid flowers and the first suggestion by professor Hans Fitting (1877-1970) that plants produce hormonesYam, T.W.; Chow, Y.N.; Avadhani, P.N.; Hew, C.S. ; Arditti, J.; Kurzweil, H.
111995In vitro CO2 enrichment of CAM orchid plantletsHew, C.S. ; Hin, S.E.; Yong, J.W.; Gouk, S.S. ; Tanaka, M.
122004Molecular cloning of a phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase cDNA from tropical epiphytic CAM orchidLi, C.R.; Zhang, X.B. ; Hew, C.S. 
132004Molecular cloning of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase large subunit cDNA from OncidiumLi, C.R.; Zhang, X.B. ; Hew, C.S. 
14Apr-1993Nitrogen uptake by tropical orchidsHew, C.S. ; Lim, L.Y.; Low, C.M.
1531-Mar-2000Orchid pseudobulbs - 'False' bulbs with a genuine importance in orchid growth and survival!Ng, C.K.Y.; Hew, C.S. 
161995Partitioning of 14C assimilates between sources and sinks during different growth stages in the sympodial thin-leaved orchid Oncidium GoldianaYong, J.W.; Hew, C.S. 
17Mar-1992Partitioning of 14C-assimilate between sources and sinks in the monopodial orchid Aranda Tay Swee EngClifford, P.E. ; Neo, H.H.; Hew, C.S. 
18Dec-1996Pathway of phloem loading in the C3 tropical orchid hybrid Oncidium GoldianaNg, C.K.Y.; Hew, C.S. 
19Oct-1998Pattern of photoassimilate partitioning in pseudobulbous and rhizomatous terrestrial orchidsHew, C.S. ; Koh, K.T.; Khoo, G.H.
201997Photosynthetic utilization of radiant energy by CAM Dendrobium flowersKhoo, G.H.; He, J.; Hew, C.S.