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Louis Tong
Tong, Hak Tien Louis-Marie Grignion
Tong Louis
Tong, L.
Louis, T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A comparison of efficacy and safety of two lipid-based lubricant eye drops for the management of evaporative dry eye diseaseJerkins, G.; Greiner, J.V.; Tong, L. ; Tan, J.; Tauber, J.; Mearza, A.; Srinivasan, S.
2May-2011A new method of high-speed cellular protein separation and insight into subcellular compartmentalization of proteinsPng, E.; Lan, W.; Lazaroo, M.; Chen, S.; Zhou, L.; Tong, L. 
32017A systematic review on the impact of diabetes mellitus on the ocular surfaceShih, K.Co; Lam, Ks.-L; Tong, L 
42011Aberrant DNA methylation of matrix remodeling and cell adhesion related genes in pterygiumRiau, A.K.; Wong, T.T.; Finger, S.N.; Chaurasia, S.S.; Hou, A.H.; Chen, S.; Yu, S.J.; Tong, L. 
52018Acupuncture and herbal formulation compared with artificial tears alone: Evaluation of dry eye symptoms and associated tests in randomised clinical trialTong, L. ; Htoon, H.M. ; Hou, A. ; Acharya, R.U.; Tan, J.-H..; Wei, Q.-P.; Lim, P.
6Feb-2012Acupuncture has effect on increasing tear break-up time: Acupuncture for treating dry eye, a randomized placebo-controlled trialLan, W.; Tong, L. 
72012Assessment and management of dry eye patients for non-ophthalmic healthcare practitionersTong, L. ; Petznick, A.; Lee, S.Y.; Tan, J.
8Jun-2011Association of tear proteins with Meibomian gland disease and dry eye symptomsTong, L. ; Zhou, L.; Beuerman, R.W.; Zhao, S.Z.; Li, X.R.
9Nov-2012Associations of systemic diseases, smoking and contact lens wear with severity of dry eyeLee, S.-Y.; Petznick, A.; Tong, L. 
10Sep-2013Autologous plasma eyedrops prepared in a closed system: A treatment for dry eyePetznick, A.; Tong, L. ; Chung, R.; Wang, J.C.; Koh, M.; Salleh, R.; Waduthantri, S.
11Oct-2013Bioimage informatics approach to automated meibomian gland analysis in infrared images of meibographyCelik, T.; Lee, H.K.; Petznick, A.; Tong, L. 
122021Changes in Tear Proteome After Acupuncture Treatment in Dry EyeTong, Louis ; Zhou, Lei ; Koh, Siew Kwan; Gao, Yan; Htoon, Hla Myint ; Hou, AiHua; Deng, Lu; Wei, Qi-Ping; Lim, Pat
13Nov-2012Choice of artificial tear formulation for patients with dry eye: Where do we start?Tong, L. ; Petznick, A.; Lee, S.; Tan, J.
14Dec-2011Clinical considerations in proinflammatory cytokine profiling of tears from patients with dry eye by means of antibody microarraysTong, L. ; Lee, S.-Y.; Petznick, A.
15Jun-2011Comments: Acupuncture for treating dry eye: A randomized placebo-controlled trialWanwen, L.; Louis, T. 
1622-Mar-2013Comparison of corneal sensitivity, tear function and corneal staining following laser in situ keratomileusis with two femtosecond laser platformsPetznick, A.; Chew, A.; Hall, R.C.; Chan, C.M.L.; Rosman, M.; Tan, D.; Tong, L. ; Mehta, J.S. 
171-Nov-2013Comparison of gene expression profiles in primary and immortalized human pterygium fibroblast cellsHou, A.; Voorhoeve, P. ; Lan, W.; Tin, M.; Tong, L. 
182020Comparison of tear proteomic and neuromediator profiles changes between small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) and femtosecond laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK)Liu, Y.-C. ; Yam, G.H.-F.; Lin, M.T.-Y.; Teo, E.; Koh, S.-K.; Deng, L.; Zhou, L. ; Tong, L. ; Mehta, J.S. 
19Nov-2013Conjunctivochalasis is the precursor to pterygiumTong, L. ; Lan, W.; Sim, H.S.; Hou, A.
202018Coping with dry eyes: A qualitative approachYeo, S; Tong, L