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Sangho Kim
Kim, S.
Kim, Sangho
Kim S.
Kim, S.H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2010A comparative study of histogram-based thresholding methods for the determination of cell-free layer width in small blood vesselsNamgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Wong, Y.H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
22016A D-shaped bileaflet bioprosthesis which replicates physiological left ventricular flow patternsTan S.G.-D.; Kim S. ; Hon J.K.F.; Leo H.L. 
32011A microfluidic sensor for human hydration level monitoringHoe, Y.Y.G.; Johari, B.H.; Ju, M.; Kim, S. ; Vaidyanathan, K.; Kang, T.G.
42015Alteration of blood flow in a venular network by infusion of dextran 500: Evaluation with a laser speckle contrast imaging systemNamgung B. ; Ng Y.C. ; Nam J. ; Leo H.L. ; Kim S. 
59-Aug-2012Alteration patterns of trabecular bone microarchitectural characteristics induced by osteoarthritis over timeLee, J.H.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, S.H. ; Han, P.; Jun, Y.; Lim, D.
61-Jan-2020Altered red blood cell deformability—A novel hypothesis for retinal microangiopathy in diabetic retinopathyTan, JKS ; Wei, X ; Wong, PA; Fang, J ; Kim, S ; Agrawal, R 
7Mar-2011An automated method for cell-free layer width determination in small arteriolesOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Woo, Y.I. ; Sakai, H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
8Aug-2012Application of refutas model to estimate erythrocyte viscosity in a dextran solutionJu, M.; Namgung, B.; Kim, S. 
92-Mar-2021Assessment of transient changes in oxygen diffusion of single red blood cells using a microfluidic analytical platformChng, Kevin Ziyang ; Ng, Yan Cheng ; Namgung, Bumseok ; Tan, Justin Kok Soon ; Park, Soyeon ; Tien, Sim Leng; Leo, Hwa Liang ; Kim, Sangho 
102016Biomimetic precapillary flow patterns for enhancing blood plasma separation: A preliminary studyNamgung B. ; Tan J.K.S. ; Wong P.A.; Park S.-Y. ; Leo H.L. ; Kim S. 
11Oct-2011Cell-Free Layer Formation in Small Arterioles at Pathological Levels of Erythrocyte AggregationOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Woo, Y.I. ; Kim, S. 
122012Changes in microarchitectural characteristics at the tibial epiphysis induced by collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis over timeLee, J.H.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, S.H. ; Lee, K.-Y.; Kim, D.J.; Lim, D.
13Jul-2013Computational fluid modeling and performance analysis of a bidirectional rotating perfusion culture systemKang, C.-W.; Wang, Y.; Tania, M.; Zhou, H.; Gao, Y.; Ba, T.; Tan, G.-D.S.; Kim, S. ; Leo, H.L. 
14Sep-2007Contributions of collision rate and collision efficiency to erythrocyte aggregation in postcapillary venules at low flow ratesKim, S. ; Zhen, J.; Popel, A.S.; Intaglietta, M.; Johnson, P.C.
15Jun-2009Determination of rheological properties of whole blood with a scanning capillary-tube rheometer using constitutive modelsKim, S. ; Namgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Cho, Y.I.; Chun, K.J.; Lim, D.
16Jan-2011Effect of cell-free layer variation on arteriolar wall shear stressNamgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Johnson, P.C.; Kim, S. 
17Jun-2013Effect of deformability difference between two erythrocytes on their aggregationJu, M.; Ye, S.S.; Low, H.T. ; Zhang, J.; Cabrales, P.; Leo, H.L. ; Kim, S. 
182009Effect of dextran 500 on radial migration of erythrocytes in postcapillary venules at low flow ratesKim, S. ; Ong, P.K.; Johnson, P.C.
19Jun-2009Effect of dextran on rheological properties of rat bloodKim, S. ; Yang, S.; Lim, D.
20Jun-2010Effect of erythrocyte aggregation and flow rate on cell-free layer formation in arteriolesOng, P.K.; Namgung, B.; Johnson, P.C.; Kim, S.