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Png, D.
Png, J.-C.
Png, D.J.C.
Png, J.C.D.
Png, J.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11997A comparative study of the distribution of ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in prostatic tissues after simultaneous oral ingestionPng, J.C.D. ; Tan, E.; Foo, K.T.; Li, M.K.; Cheng, C. ; Rekhraj, I.R.
21993Gall bladder empyema another good reason for early cholecystectomyChow, W.C.; Ong, C.L. ; Png, J.C. 
3Jul-1995Haemospermia due to urethral haemangiomas--a report of two cases.Png, J.C. ; Tung, K.H. 
41995Intussusception of a ureteric polyp causing acute hydronephrosisPng, J.C.D. ; Tung, K.H. 
51993Massive rectal bleeding from an ulceration in a jejunal diverticulumChow, L.W.C.; Ong, C.L. ; Png, D.J.C. 
6Mar-1998Phyllodes Tumour: An Update of 40 CasesIau, P.T.C.; Lim, T.C. ; Png, D.J.C. ; Tan, W.T.L. 
72002Prevalence of prostatitis-like symptoms in Singapore: A population-based studyTan, J.K. ; Png, D.J.C. ; Liew, L.C.H.; Li, M.K. ; Wong, M.L. 
82000Principles of ureteric reconstructionPng, J.C.D. ; Chapple, C.R.
92000Principles of ureteric reconstructionPng, J.C.D. ; Chapple, C.R.
10May-1998Role of PSA Testing in Multiphasic Health ScreeningPng, J.C.D. ; Akhtar, K.J.; Tung, K.H. 
111998Role of PSA Testing in Multiphasic Health ScreeningPng, J.C.D. ; Akhtar, K.J.; Tung, K.H. 
12Sep-1997Surgical nutritional team and its impact on total parenteral nutrition in the National University Hospital, SingaporePng, D.J.C. ; Ong, C.L. ; Chan, S. 
132004The effect of chronic bladder outlet obstruction on neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression in the intramural ganglia of the guinea pig bladderHu, J. ; Chin, C.-M. ; Png, J.-C. ; Ng, Y.-K. ; Ling, E.-A. 
14Apr-1998The Effect of Enterai Fibre-Containing Feeds on Stool Parameters in the Post-Surgical PeriodKhalil, L.; Ho, K.H. ; Png, D. ; Ong, C.L. 
15Dec-1996Use of iontophoretic anaesthesia in urologic surgery: A preliminary experiencePng, D.J.C. ; Li, M.K.