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Zheng Hui
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Zheng, H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Adverse associations between visceral adiposity, brain structure, and cognitive performance in healthy elderlyIsaac, V. ; Sim, S. ; Zheng, H. ; Zagorodnov, V.; Shyong Tai, E.; Chee, M. 
2May-2011Brain structure in young and old east asians and westerners: Comparisons of structural volume and cortical thicknessChee, M.W.L. ; Zheng, H. ; Goh, J.O.S.; Park, D.; Sutton, B.P.
32009Cognitive function and brain structure correlations in healthy elderly East AsiansChee, M.W.L. ; Chen, K.H.M.; Zheng, H. ; Chan, K.P.L. ; Isaac, V. ; Sim, S.K.Y. ; Chuah, L.Y.M. ; Schuchinsky, M. ; Fischl, B.; Ng, T.P. 
42009Donepezil improves episodic memory in young individuals vulnerable to the effects of sleep deprivationChuah, L.Y.M. ; Chong, D.L.; Chen, A.K.; Rekshan III, W.R.; Tan, J.-C.; Zheng, H. ; Chee, M.W.L. 
521-May-2008Lapsing during sleep deprivation is associated with distributed changes in brain activationChee, M.W.L. ; Jiat, C.T.; Zheng, H. ; Parimal, S.; Weissman, D.H.; Zagorodnov, V.; Dinges, D.F.
61-Oct-2010Sleep deprivation and interference by emotional distractersChuah, L.Y.M. ; Dolcos, F.; Chen, A.K.; Zheng, H. ; Parimal, S.; Chee, M.W.L. 
715-Jul-2013The small GTPase HRas shapes local PI3K signals through positive feedback and regulates persistent membrane extension in migrating fibroblastsThevathasan, J.V.; Tan, E.; Zheng, H. ; Lin, Y.-C.; Li, Y.; Inoue, T.; Fivaz, M.