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Poh Seng Tan
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Tan, P.S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2021A study of 3013 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma: Etiology and therapy before and during the current decadeLim, Miao-Shan; Goh, George B-B ; Chang, Jason P-E ; Low, Jee-Keem; Shelat, Vishalkumar G; Huey, Terence C-W ; Dan, Yock-Young ; Kow, Alfred; Shridhar, Iyer ; Tan, Poh-Seng ; Padmakumar, Junnarkar S; Tan, Chee-Kiat 
2Dec-2020Chapter of Gastroenterologists professional guidance for management of patients with liver disease in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemicChang, Jason Pik Eu ; Wong, Yu Jun ; Yang, Wei Lyn; Lim, Kieron Boon Leng ; Tan, Poh Seng ; Ho, Gim Hin; Yip, Benjamin Cherng Hann; Li, James Weiquan ; Chong, Chern Hao; Ong, David Eng Hui ; Chua, Tju Siang; Vu, Charles Kien Fong ; Gwee, Kok Ann ; Ang, Tiing Leong ; Tan, Chee Kiat 
31-Oct-2022Comparable Outcomes in Early Hepatocellular Carcinomas Treated with Trans-Arterial Chemoembolization and Radiofrequency AblationTay, Benjamin Wei Rong; Huang, Daniel Q ; Mark, Muthiah ; Thong, Neo Wee ; Huei, Lee Guan ; Gee, Lim Seng ; Cheng, Low How ; Mei, Lee Yin ; Thurairajah, Prem ; Chen, Lim Jia; Ng, Cheng Han; Lim, Wen Hui; Tan, Darren Jun Hao; Maureen, Da Costa; Alfred, Kow Wei Chieh; Ganpathi, Iyer Shridar; Seng, Tan Poh ; Young, Dan Yock 
42015Decreased miR122 in hepatocellular carcinoma leads to chemoresistance with increased arginineKishikawa, T; Otsuka, M; Tan, P.S ; Ohno, M; Sun, X; Yoshikawa, T; Shibata, C; Takata, A; Kojima, K; Takehana, K; Ohishi, M; Ota, S; Noyama, T; Kondo, Y; Sato, M; Soga, T; Hoshida, Y; Koike, K
5Jul-2013Incidence and phenotype of inflammatory bowel disease based on results from the Asia-Pacific Crohn's and colitis epidemiology studyNg, S.C.; Tang, W.; Ching, J.Y.; Wong, M.; Chow, C.M.; Hui, A.J.; Wong, T.C.; Leung, V.K.; Tsang, S.W.; Yu, H.H.; Li, M.F.; Ng, K.K.; Kamm, M.A.; Studd, C.; Bell, S.; Leong, R.; De Silva, H.J.; Kasturiratne, A.; Mufeena, M.N.F.; Ling, K.L.; Ooi, C.J.; Tan, P.S. ; Ong, D.; Goh, K.L.; Hilmi, I.; Pisespongsa, P.; Manatsathit, S.; Rerknimitr, R.; Aniwan, S.; Wang, Y.F.; Ouyang, Q.; Zeng, Z.; Zhu, Z.; Chen, M.H.; Hu, P.J.; Wu, K.; Wang, X.; Simadibrata, M.; Abdullah, M.; Wu, J.C.; Sung, J.J.Y.; Chan, F.K.L.
61-Jan-2019Risk factors for ribavirin treatment failure in Asian organ transplant recipients with chronic hepatitis E infectionLow, EXS; Tripon, E; Lim, K0; Tan, PS ; Low, HC ; Dan, YY ; Lee, YM ; Muthiah, M ; Loo, WM ; Koh, CJ ; Phyo, WW ; Pang, JX; Lim, SG ; Lee, GH 
75-Feb-2021Sunitinib-associated hyperammonemic encephalopathy successfully managed with higher intensity conventional hemodialysis: A case reportHaroon, S ; Ko, S ; Wong, A; Tan, PS ; Lee, E; Lau, T
82014Transcriptome profiling of archived sectioned formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (AS-FFPE) tissue for disease classificationKojima K.; April C.; Canasto-Chibuque C.; Chen X.; Deshmukh M.; Venkatesh A.; Tan P.S. ; Kobayashi M.; Kumada H.; Fan J.-B.; Hoshida Y.
92020Validation of genetic variants associated with metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease in an ethnic Chinese populationLee, G.H. ; Phyo, W.W. ; Loo, W.M. ; Kwok, R.; Ahmed, T.; Shabbir, A. ; So, J. ; Koh, C.J. ; Hartono, J.L. ; Muthiah, M. ; Lim, K. ; Tan, P.S. ; Lee, Yin Mei; Lim, S.G. ; Dan, Y.Y.