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Rui Zhang
Zhang, Rui
Zhang, R.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-20193D Trajectory Optimization in Rician Fading for UAV-Enabled Data HarvestingYou, Changsheng ; Zhang, Rui 
22015A Decomposition-Based Two-Stage Optimization Algorithm for Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Deteriorating JobsLiu Y.; Zhang R. ; Wang M.; Zhu X.
32011A new approach to weighted sum-rate maximization for the K-user Gaussian interference channelLiu, L.; Zhang, R. ; Chua, K.-C. 
4May-2012A new design paradigm for MIMO cognitive radio with primary user rate constraintCumanan, K.; Zhang, R. ; Lambotharan, S.
52013A novel mode switching scheme utilizing random beamforming for opportunistic energy harvestingJu, H.; Zhang, R. 
62010A review on spectrumsensing for cognitive radio: Challenges and solutionsZeng, Y; Liang, Y.-C; Hoang, A.T; Zhang, R 
72013A three-stage optimization algorithm for the stochastic parallel machine scheduling problem with adjustable production ratesZhang R. 
8May-2012Achieving global optimality for weighted sum-rate maximization in the K-user Gaussian interference channel with multiple antennasLiu, L.; Zhang, R. ; Chua, K.-C. 
92010Advanced signal processing for cognitive radio networksLiang, Y.-C; Wang, X; Zeng, Y; Choi, J; Zhang, R ; Luise, M
102013Association of the HLA-DQA1 and HLA-DQB1 alleles in type 2 diabetes mellitus and diabetic nephropathy in the han ethnicity of ChinaMa Z.-J.; Sun P.; Guo G.; Zhang R. ; Chen L.-M.
11Feb-2001BER performance comparison of single code and multicode DS/CDMA channelization schemes for high rate data transmissionZhang, R. ; Tjhung, T.T. ; Zhang, H.B.; He, P. 
122012Blind detection with unique identification in two-way relay channelLi, L.; Ding, Y.; Zhang, J.-K.; Zhang, R. 
132012Cognitive energy harvesting and transmission from a network perspectiveLee, S.; Huang, K.; Zhang, R. 
142011Cooperative feedback for MIMO interference channelsHuang, K.; Zhang, R. 
15Feb-2011Cooperative feedback for multiantenna cognitive radio networksHuang, K.; Zhang, R. 
162011Cooperative interference control for spectrum sharing in OFDMA cellular systemsDa, B. ; Zhang, R. 
17Oct-2010Cooperative interference management with MISO beamformingZhang, R. ; Cui, S.
18Dec-2010Cooperative multi-cell block diagonalization with per-base-station power constraintsZhang, R. 
19Mar-2012Cooperative precoding with limited feedback for MIMO interference channelsHuang, K.; Zhang, R. 
202015Cost-aware green cellular networks with energy and communication cooperationXu, Jui; Duan, Lingjie; Zhang, Rui