Full Name
Siew Bing Gerard Leng
Leng, G.
Leng, Gerard
Leng, S.B.
Leng, G.S.B.
Siew Bing Gerard Leng
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2000A combined genetic algorithms-shooting method approach to solving optimal control problemsSim, Y.C.; Leng, S.B. ; Subramaniam, V. 
21997A method for the numerical computation of Hopf bifurcationLin, R.; Leng, G. ; Lee, H.P. 
3Apr-2000All-aspect near-optimal guidance lawSim, Y.C.; Leng, S.B. ; Subramaniam, V. 
4Sep-2002Application of genetic algorithms to conceptual design of a micro-air vehicleNg, T.T.H. ; Leng, G.S.B. 
5Mar-1997Compression of aircraft aerodynamic database using multivariable Chebyshev polynomialsLeng, G. 
62004Cooperative search algorithm for distributed autonomous robotsCheng, C.K.; Leng, G. 
72004Coordinated movement of multiple robots for searching a cluttered environmentNg, W.K.; Leng, G.S.B. ; Low, Y.L.
82007Design of small-scale quadrotor unmanned air vehicles using genetic algorithmsNg, T.T.H. ; Leng, G.S.B. 
9Jun-2006Design optimization of rotary-wing micro air vehiclesNg, T.T.H. ; Leng, G.S.B. 
10Jul-1997Dynamic stability of a radially rotating beam subjected to base excitationTan, T.H.; Lee, H.P. ; Leng, G.S.B. 
111997Dynamic stability of spinning beams with an unsymmetrical cross-section and distinct boundary conditions subjected to time-dependent spin speedLee, H.P. ; Tan, T.H.; Leng, G.S.B. 
1223-Jan-1997Dynamic stability of spinning Timoshenko shafts with a time-dependent spin rateLee, H.P. ; Tan, T.H.; Leng, G.S.B. 
13Sep-1998Guidance algorithm design: A nonlinear inverse approachLeng, G. 
142004Human modeling for injury assessment during ejectionHo, W.-M.; Ng, T.-H.T. ; Tan, K.-W.; Lee, V.-S.; Leng, G. ; Teo, E.-C.
151994Integrated flight dynamics and control analysisLeng, G. 
161997Lyapunov exponent and chaos of duffing's equation perturbed by white noiseWei, J.G.; Leng, G. 
171996Missile guidance algorithm design using inverse kinematics and fuzzy logicLeng, G. 
181994Nonlinear analysis of flight dynamics at large angles of attack and sideslipLeng, G. 
19May-2010On the power law relationship of the critical transmitting range and the number of nodes of ad hoc networksKam, M.-L.; Leng, G. 
201-Mar-1998Parametric instability of spinning pretwisted beams subjected to sinusoidal compressive axial loadsTan, T.H.; Lee, H.P. ; Leng, G.S.B.