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Naganivetha Thiyagarajah
Thiyagarajah, N.


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115-Sep-2010A physical model of exchange bias in [Pd/Co]5 /FeMn thin films with perpendicular anisotropyLin, L.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Heo, J.; Lee, K.A.; Bae, S. 
22013Channel characterization and performance evaluation of bit-patterned mediaLin, M.Y.; Elidrissi, M.R.; Chan, K.S.; Eason, K.; Chua, M.; Asbahi, M.; Yang, J.K.W.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Ng, V. 
315-May-2012Comparison of bit-patterned media fabricated by methods of direct deposition and ion-milling of cobalt/palladium multilayersThiyagarajah, N. ; Huang, T.; Chen, Y.; Duan, H.; Song, D.L.Y.; Huei Leong, S.; Yang, J.K.W.; Ng, V. 
4Apr-2011Developments in giant magnetoresistance and tunneling magnetoresistance based spintronic devices with perpendicular anisotropyBae, S. ; Thiyagarajah, N. 
511-Dec-2012Directed self-assembly of densely packed gold nanoparticlesAsbahi, M.; Lim, K.T.P.; Wang, F.; Duan, H.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Ng, V. ; Yang, J.K.W.
68-Oct-2012Effect of inter-bit material on the performance of directly deposited bit patterned mediaThiyagarajah, N. ; Duan, H.; Song, D.L.Y.; Asbahi, M.; Huei Leong, S.; Yang, J.K.W.; Ng, V. 
7Apr-2010Effects of NiFe/Co insertion at the [Pd/Co] and Cu interface on the magnetic and GMR properties in perpendicularly magnetized [Pd/Co]/Cu/[Co/Pd] pseudo spin-valvesThiyagarajah, N. ; Lin, L.; Bae, S. 
82008Effects of perpendicular anisotropy on the interlayer coupling in perpendicularly magnetized [PdCo] Cu [CoPd] spin valvesThiyagarajah, N. ; Bae, S. ; Joo, H.W.; Han, Y.C.; Kim, J.
913-Dec-2010Enhancement of perpendicular exchange bias in [Pd/Co]/FeMn thin films by tailoring the magnetoelastically induced perpendicular anisotropyLin, L.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Heo, J.; Lee, K.A.; Bae, S. 
1023-Sep-2011Fabrication and characterization of bit-patterned media beyond 1.5 Tbit/in2Yang, J.K.W.; Chen, Y. ; Huang, T.; Duan, H.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Hui, H.K.; Leong, S.H.; Ng, V. 
1126-Nov-2012Fabrication of single-dot planar nano-devices and the application to the exchange bias characterization in nano-pillar devicesThiyagarajah, N. ; Lin, L.; Bae, S. 
122009High magnetic and thermal stability of nanopatterned [Co/Pd] based pseudo spin-valves with perpendicular anisotropy for 1 Gb magnetic random access memory applicationsThiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Bae, S. 
132011Magnetically labeled GMR biosensor with a single immobilized ferrimagnetic particle agent for the detection of extremely low concentration of biomoleculesZhang, P.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Bae, S. 
142013Optimization of bit-patterned media recording (BPMR) system via tolerance designLin, M.Y.; Elidrissi, M.R.; Chan, K.S.; Eason, K.; Wang, H.; Yang, J.K.W.; Asbahi, M.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Ng, V. ; Guan, Y.L.
151-Jul-2011Physical nature of anomalous peaks observed in extraordinary Hall effect measurement of exchange biased spin-valves with perpendicular anisotropyThiyagarajah, N. ; Wan Joo, H. ; Lin, L.; Bae, S. 
161-Apr-2012Spin transfer switching characteristics in a Pd/Co m/Cu/Co/ Pd n pseudo spin-valve nanopillar with perpendicular anisotropyThiyagarajah, N. ; Lee, K.-I.; Bae, S.