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Kim Hoon
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Kim, H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120131.5-μm 10-Gb/s VCSEL link for optical access applicationsAl-Qazwini, Z.; Zhou, J.; Kim, H. 
220131.55-μm, 10-Gb/s VCSEL transmission for optical access networksAl-Qazwini, Z.; Thollabandi, M.; Kim, H. 
3201010-Gb/s directly-modulated lasers driven by 3.5-GHz-bandwidth duobinary signalsAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
4201010-Gb/s operation of RSOA using a delay interferometerKim, H. 
5201410-Gb/s, 20-km VCSEL optical access link at 1.5 μm with 23-dB power budgetZhou, J.; Yu, C. ; Kim, H. 
6201310-Gb/s/channel WDM PON using ultra-narrow spectrum-sliced incoherent light sourceKim, H. 
7201210-Gbps single-feeder, full-duplex WDM-PON using directly modulated laser and RSOAAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
8201110-Gbps upstream transmission for WDM-PON using RSOA and delay interferometerKim, H. 
98-Apr-20135-Gb/s optical transmitter based on incoherentlight-injected RSOAs with graceful upgrade capability for WDM PONsAl-Qazwini, Z.; Kim, H. 
1020116-GHz radio-over-fiber upstream transmission using a directly modulated RSOAMeiyappan, A.; Kam, P.Y. ; Kim, H. 
112012A broadcast-capable WDM passive optical network using offset polarization multiplexingXiong, F.; Zhong, W.-D.; Kim, H. 
122012A broadcast-capable WDM-PON based on polarization-sensitive weak-resonant-cavity fabry-perot laser diodesXiong, F.; Zhong, W.-D.; Kim, H. 
132012A broadcast-overlaid full-duplex WDM-PON based on offset polarization multiplexingXiong, F.; Zhong, W.-D.; Kim, H. 
1427-Aug-2012A complex-weighted, decision-aided, maximum-likelihood carrier phase and frequency-offset estimation algorithm for coherent optical detectionMeiyappan, A.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Kim, H. 
152011A dual-detector optical receiver for WDM PON utilizing directly modulated RSOAs and delay interferometersKim, H. 
162013A low-complexity carrier phase and frequency offset estimator with adaptive filter length for coherent receiversMeiyappan, A.; Kam, P.-Y. ; Kim, H. 
172013A low-complexity, low-cycle-slip-probability, format-independent carrier estimator with adaptive filter lengthMeiyappan, A.; Kim, H. ; Kam, P.-Y. 
182009A novel method for providing precise time synchronization in a distributed control system using boundary clockCho, J.H.; Kim, H. ; Wang, S.; Lee, J.; Lee, H.; Hwang, S.; Cho, S.; Oh, Y.; Lee, T.-J.
192011A WDM-PON enabling broadcast service based on polarization multiplexingXiong, F.; Zhong, W.-D.; Kim, H. 
202010An ASE-injected FP-LD-based return-to-zero transmitter for long-reach WDM-PONsKim, H.