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Yuen Kwai Peng,Belinda
Yuen, B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2014A methodological framework for benchmarking smart transport citiesDebnath, A.K. ; Chin, H.C. ; Haque, M.M. ; Yuen, B. 
22011Africa and Asia: Two of the world's fastest growing regionsYuen, B. ; Kumssa, A.
32005An empirical analysis of Singapore households' upgrading mobility behaviour: From public homeownership to private homeownershipTu, Y. ; Kwee, L.K.; Yuen, B. 
41999Bird use of linear areas of a tropical city: Implications for park connector design and managementSodhi, N.S. ; Briffett, C. ; Kong, L. ; Yuen, B. 
52011Climate change and sustainable urban development in Africa and AsiaYuen, B. ; Kumssa, A.
62009Climate change and urban planning in South East AsiaYuen, B. ; Kong, L. 
71991Computer-assisted land use planning in SingaporeYuen, B. 
82008Conclusion: Beyond sustainable development?Yuen, B. 
91996Creating the garden city: The Singapore experienceYuen, B. 
102007Families in flats, revisitedAppold, S.; Yuen, B. 
112011Garden and ecology in the skyYuen, B. 
122006Government-aided participation in planning SingaporeSoh, E.Y.; Yuen, B. 
132009Guiding spatial changes: Singapore urban planningYuen, B. 
142006High-rise living in Singapore public housingYuen, B. ; Yeh, A.; Appold, S.J.; Earl, G.; Ting, J.; Kwee, L.K.
152011In the march of high-riseYuen, B. 
162011Introduction: High-rise living in Asian citiesYeh, A.G.O.; Yuen, B. 
172011Liveability of tall residential buildingsYuen, B. 
181997Nature and nurture, danger and delight: urban women's experiences of the natural worldKong, L.L.L. ; Yuen, B. ; Briffett, C. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
191999Nature and the Singapore residentYuen, B. ; Kong, L. ; Briffett, C. 
201998Pedestrian streets in SingaporeYuen, B. ; Chor, C.H.