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Tu Yong
Tu, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A spatio-temporal autoregressive model for multi-unit residential market analysisSun, H.; Tu, Y. ; Yu, S.-M. 
22005An empirical analysis of Singapore households' upgrading mobility behaviour: From public homeownership to private homeownershipTu, Y. ; Kwee, L.K.; Yuen, B. 
32018An evaluation of the paired assistance to disaster- Affected areas program in disaster recovery: The case of the Wenchuan EarthquakeYi, F; Tu, Y 
42004Are there investor clienteles in rental housing?Wood, G.A.; Tu, Y. 
52008Buyer exuberance and price premiumNeo, P.H. ; Ong, S.E. ; Tu, Y. 
62008Foreclosure sales: The effects of price expectations, volatility and equity lossesOng, S.E. ; Neo, P.H. ; Tu, Y. 
72000Housing price determinants: An international perspectiveTu, Y. 
82007Multilevel modeling using spatial processes: Application to the Singapore housing marketGelfand, A.E.; Banerjee, S.; Sirmans, C.F.; Tu, Y. ; Eng Ong, S.
92009Property rights and housing value: The impacts of political instabilityTu, Y. ; Bao, H.X.H.
101999Public homeownership, housing finance and socioeconomic development in SingaporeTu, Y. 
112000Segmentation of Australian housing markets: 1989-98Tu, Y. 
122007Spatial autocorrelations and urban housing market segmentationTu, Y. ; Sun, H.; Yu, S.-M. 
132004The dynamics of the Singapore private housing marketTu, Y. 
14Apr-2014The impacts of openness on air quality in ChinaLi, P. ; Tu, Y. 
152003The macro impacts of public resold dwellings on private housing prices in SingaporeTu, Y. 
162004Transaction-based office price indexes: A spatiotemporal modeling approachTu, Y. ; Yu, S.-M. ; Sun, H.
172009Turnovers and Housing Price Dynamics: Evidence from Singapore Condominium MarketTu, Y. ; Ong, S.E. ; Han, Y.H.